Timbaland is dropping a compilation release ‘King Stays King‘ on December 25th with unheard music in his lengthy catalog. Aaliyah fans are already predicting the new track is a combination of previously unreleased tracks “Quit Hatin‘” and “He Keeps Me Shakin’“. Listen for yourself right here.

A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

One commenter on Timbo’ Instagram writes:
“Keeps Me Shakin was not officially released, however most of die-hard Aaliyah fans already have/heard it. The song was written by Static Major, produced by Key Beat and is unfinished. It has only one verse and the hook you can hear in this snippet (it has just 2 more lines than what Tim posted). And if u heard the song that leaked in 2012 called Quit Hatin, you just basically heard the whole thing. The first verse of Quit Hatin is from Keeps Me Shakin. From what I can hear from this snippet, Tim slightly edited the original instrumental and considering the song is unfinished, I can guessing he added his own verse to complete it. I hope I’m wrong tho and we will get some more u heard Lili vocals.” — @favouritethingsbyazzizz

Press on December 25th!

Is this the sound you were hoping for?

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