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24 Top Gay Travel Destinations for 2017 [VIDEO]

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24 Top Gay Travel Destinations for 2017 [VIDEO]

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USA moved up from #42 to #36!

The annual Gay Travel Index has been unveiled by Spartacus, a gay travel specialty company, and they’ve rated the most inclusive versus viciously obtrusive travel destinations for the LGBT community. The brutal 14-point scoring system – including gay nightlife, customs regulations, hate crimes, HIV travel restrictions, and laws against homoism – remains in place.

Ibiza anyone?

[video link]

Where did Spartacus decide are the must see spots this year?

1. Sweden
2. United Kingdom
3. Belgium
4. Netherlands
5. France
6. Canada
7. Denmark
8. Reunion
9. Iceland
10. Norway
11. Spain
12. Finland
13. Luxembourg
14. Uruguay
15. Andorra
16. Portugal
17. Ireland
18. Germany
19. French Polynesia
20. New Caledonia
21. Austria
22. Malta
23. Switzerland
24. Brazil

St. Kitts, Jamaica, and Saudi Arabia continue to score poorly on the scale and Somalia comes in last place, again.


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