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4 Must See Gay Tips for Successful Relationships

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4 Must See Gay Tips for Successful Relationships

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When to delete Jack’d? When is it time to move in? When should you say ‘I love you’? Love coaches Juan and Gee Session-Smalls are here to help you. In their latest video the couple have a few good tips for people in same sex relationships.

1. Don’t be so set on timelines of moving in, meeting family, marriage, etc. There is no blueprint to a happy relationship.

2. Jack’d, Grindr, and when to delete “social networking” apps – If you are wondering when is the time then the time is now. If you haven’t been online for weeks and you’re happy, delete it.

3. Do not play games or do things just because your lover is doing something.

4. Open communication is key. Always be honest with your feelings and if your lover can’t respect that adjust yourself accordingly.

Watch Juan and Gee shoot from the hip in the video below.

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