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5 Fast Facts About My Husband Mr. Marcus [VIDEO]


5 Fast Facts About My Husband Mr. Marcus [VIDEO]

After being diagnosed with syphilis, getting a DUI in that Hyundai, and jail time for his stunts, my porn star hubby Mr. Marcus is ready for y’all to get back on his dick and out of his ass so we can pay these bills.

In a video posted to his Facebook today (Aug. 3) the 42-year-old porn vet confesses a few things all people should know about him moving forward plus some things from his past.

[video link]

-There is one place he is always ready for it to go down. “I got a big bathroom fetish. I love to fuck in the bathroom.”

-Mr. Marcus loves head, no half ass sucking either! “The first time I got my dick sucked was by a girl who really wanted to please me. So, it set the bar really, really high.” Suck it right and he’ll do whatever you want.

– From this day forward look out for “Sexual Saturdays” on his Facebook. He’s given you 17 years in the game and a book ‘The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex‘. Therefore, he’s qualified to answer questions and start conversations whenever his dick desires.

– Sex is like having a good meal.

– Mr. Marcus loves Ronald Matters. Nothing left to say after that.

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