5 Things Tops Want Bottoms to Know [VIDEO]

There’s a top committee somewhere? Child, I’d love to be nearby on Jack’d when the next meeting happens. And,  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a ‘Things I … I Mean Bottoms … Want Tops to Know’ video response. The gays always have a response.

What do you think of his list?

Comment below!

video link


    • Lol lol……cute list….. not Christian Mingle though? LMAO…….. I have no issue with any of the 5, well maybe the one about being ready to fuck at the time of chatting…..some of these fools be on bullshit and aint worth the instant hookup. Ijs

  1. She’s a top?
    I agree with #5, but feel that BOTH parties should get a nut. That’s selfish not helping the other finish if you already did.

  2. Uhhh! YA, this was a crock of heteronormative massageinistic patriarchal chauvinistic selfish narcissistic coonery…. But it was really funny and its good to see you sharing/allowing people into your mind even if it’s the unenlightened side of ur BRAIN!… BUT u know what i think u have inspired me to do a reaction VIDEO.. YAY WE BLOGGIN lol… lol so look out for a digital response on your silly 5 rules…..

  3. Antoine, dear, it’s MISOGYNIST, as misogynistic isn’t in the dictionary.

  4. Whats up homie….Funny things is nigga you aint a top……you verse I would have you bent over just as quick as you talkin so save that TOP meeting you been to for a real TOP.

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