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8 Gay Pride Rules All Men & Their Friends Need RIGHT Now!

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8 Gay Pride Rules All Men & Their Friends Need RIGHT Now!


The ‘Noah’s Arc‘ Reunion in Puerto Rico, Miami Sizzle, Black gay pride in DC, and many other events around the globe are happening this weekend. So there’s no time like the present to make a few commandments to live by while partying.

1. Thou shall pay or thou can’t stay.

Settle all debts over rooms, riding, dining, etc. beforehand so there’s no drama later. This one is no joke.

2. Thou shall not starve themselves for trade.

Nobody has time for your attitude when he cancels (or stops responding) and you finally want to eat while we want to sleep.

3. Thou shall not cock block.

Unless he’s ugly and/or smelly and I ask you to help me then let me handle it. And, your horny ass better not take the guy I’ve been eyeing/messaging/flirting with either!

4. In the words of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Momma Dee… “PUT A CONDOM ON IT!”

He looks good right now but let’s make sure you don’t have bumps or discharge later.

5. Friends on Facebook will shade you in public. Your #MCM will too!

You know how people are when they get around their other friends; and, how dudes are when you don’t look like your picture. Ch…you ain’t cute to EVERY body.

6. Thou shall wear fashions that fit!

Sis, you are not the EJ Johnson of Oklahoma nor the Miss Lawrence of Dade County. Plus, I’m not fighting with you when your disaster pops up on the internet.

7. Thou coins shall be stacked.

Dine at restaurants not available in your hometown instead of the McD’s dollar menu. Visit a landmark or two so your co-workers and mama nem know you were productive. Drink that top shelf tequila that gets you loose!

8. Thou shall mix and mingle with a few new people.

You’ve been traveling with the same gays you see all the time. Make some new connections in case you need new friends, a new job, or a getaway weekend. Plus, it’s pride! TURN UP!

Any rules you recommend that’s not listed here?

Comment below!

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