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11 Black Gay News Stories That Slayed 2015

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11 Black Gay News Stories That Slayed 2015


With 1.02 million views here at for 2015 it’s safe to say that Black, gay lives matter. The “piece of burger” saga (and the arrest that followed), gay frat brothers answering why they avoid the LGBT community, trans men having their first series, and so much more! Here are a few of the posts you saw and shared the most (in no particular order).

– The #1 viewed post is Patrik-Ian Polk and the frenzy he started by announcing ‘Blackbird’ was coming to theaters April 2015. The best news to kick off the year.

– Patrik slayed our lives again by announcing ‘Noah’s Arc’ has multiple reunions in the works!

– A gay gang in Washington, D.C. announced they want to make a documentary and the community overwhelmingly showed up with support.

– ‘Eden’s Garden‘, a web series about trans men, fascinated everyone with it’s season trailer.

Fly Young Red scooped Amiyah Scott for a sickening Rihanna remix.

– Gay frat members were asked, ‘Why don’t you stand up for the gay community?’

– “Piece of Burger” became a phenomenon after a car wreck in Jackson, Mississippi. Burger King can wait when there’s drama going on!

Milan Christopher blasted Miles Brock but never seemed to confirm or deny the one thing errbody wants to know.

– Poppers became popular among people while sexing, “incurable sniffing death” cases became more popular as well.

– Atlanta lost a lot of funding in the HIV fight this summer. Blame was placed all over the place but citizens of Fulton County paid the price.

– “No Fats, No Fems” is FINALLY about to be addressed in all the glory it deserves. We’re all sick of it!

Same sex marriage became legal nationwide just in time for New York City pride! Watch this video featuring all the shimmying and twirling that commenced immediately following.

[video link]

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