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AALIYAH: My Top 5 Songs + tribute news.


AALIYAH: My Top 5 Songs + tribute news.


There’s no denying Aaliyah was a massive force during the 1990’s. After her debut album (and short marriage) with R. Kelly, she teamed up with Timbaland and Missy to change her sound and changed the game of R&B. BET will be airing a tribute –Aaliyah: One In A Million – tonight with special appearance from Tim and Missy alongside other stars in the industry. As I pay tribute to ‘baby girl’ today, these are my Top 5 Aaliyah songs:

5. Young Nation

The perfect summer jam! Whether you’re setting up a picnic or cleaning up your apartment in the hood with the front door open and the screen door locked… Aaliyah’s smooth vocals over the swagged out beat is definitely a keeper.

4. Are You That Somebody

This choreography!! Don’t act like you didn’t have your VCR on A-B repeat jiggin’ to these steps. Before Laurie Ann there was Fatima Robinson. And, ten years later, rappers are still quoting lines from this song! Get into it.

3. I Refuse

“I refuse to continue to ignore the fact I fell to the floor the day you walked out my door.” I actually lived this. The classical theater element of this song mixed with the strong of emotion attached to the words take me into the world of Shakespeare. Beautifully written and well sang…nothing more to say.

2. One in a Million

Aaliyah actually recorded this song for her debut album; but, the CD’s/cassettes were already in production when she requested it be added to the tracklisting. I’m honestly glad she held on to it for the 2nd album. It wouldn’t have made the same impact on her debut. I love this song because… because… hell, I don’t know. I just do. And I love it SO much it’s #2. Who gon’ check me boo?

1. More Than A Woman

Nothing’s sexier than a confident woman… even to a gay man! Aaliyah was on the brink of recreating herself with this third album (no red wig needed). “I don’t think you’re ready for this thang” she sang. But, before we could even prepare, she was taken away.


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