Aaliyah's New Album Cover + My Thoughts.

I’ve been trying to avoid posting about Aaliyah because all these years later I still get emotional. Yes, I am a stan.

Aaliyah’s label Blackground Records, who we all know isn’t making any money, is trying to revive their bank account balance by whoring out 16 unreleased tracks put together by annoying super fan/cover artist Drake. The new album is confirmed for 2013 release by Aaliyah’s uncle (who is also the CEO of the label) Barry Hankerson.

In my opinion, unreleased tracks are unreleased for a reason. Plus, knowing that Timbaland and Missy Elliott who created her sound will have nothing to do with it bothers me. I’m not saying I’m not going to listen to it. I just have a strong feeling this is about to be really f*cked up. Ugh.Why the hell can’t they just leave Aaliyah’s legacy alone?

Your Thoughts?