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Alicia Keys Brings 'New Day' to 'Alan Carr'

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Brings 'New Day' to 'Alan Carr'


Alicia Keys recently admitted she has no clue why she screams on her new single ‘Girl On Fire.’ She’s really excited about the song but fears there will be a lot of fuck ups in live performances.

I’m not shocked that she opted to perform ‘New Day’. Personally, I like this song better anyway.

When British late night host Alan Carr asked her how did 50 Cent get his own version of ‘New Day’ Keys says, “There’s actually two versions of the song, one him and Dre are on and then one that’s mine. It’s so powerful. There’s so much love in it.”

Now that that’s clear… get into ‘New Day.’

Props to Trent for the video!

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