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Anal Cancer Study Offering $2,100 To Participants, Here’s The Details [VIDEO]


Anal Cancer Study Offering $2,100 To Participants, Here’s The Details [VIDEO]

“Anal cancer is on the rise for people living with HIV. In fact, people living with HIV are at 80 times more risk of developing anal cancer than people without HIV,” says

“Anal cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus or HPV, the most common sexually transmitted infection. You have probably heard of Pap smears (or if you’re a woman you’ve probably had one). Pap smears check for HPV-damaged cells in the cervix so that, if found, these cells can be removed to prevent cervical cancer. Although Pap smears and removing cells damaged by HPV has been proven to prevent cervical cancer, we don’t know whether a similar approach can prevent anal cancer. We are doing this study to find out if removing the HPV-damaged cells will prevent anal cancer.”

What I found most interesting is the amount of time dedicated, and the reward for participants, in this great research. Per the pre-screening page:

“This is an 8-year study involving 5,058 participants, each coming in for a total of 11-21 study visits, depending on what group they are in. Most visits will happen every 6 months and will last approximately one to two hours. The visits will include blood draws, swabs, and a thorough exam of the anal area. HPV-damaged cells will be biopsied if they look suspicious for cancer. You will be reimbursed up to $100 per scheduled visit for your time and travel expenses. ”


Watch this clip about what to expect.

[video link]

Would you join a rectal cancer study?

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