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Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Passed in Virginia. What's Next?

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Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Passed in Virginia. What's Next?

I’ve been asking for years when will America prove there is a separation between church and state. Ha! I guess I shouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Even though multiple studies show children in gay/lesbian households are better than heterosexuals, the Virginia Board of Social Services still voted to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against potential parents because of who they have sex with, and the God they serve. The Virginia House of Representatives has now approved their recommendation.
From the Associated Press:

Virginia legislators have passed a bill allowing private adoption agencies to deny placements that conflict with their religious or moral beliefs, including opposition to homosexuality.

The state House voted 71-28 to pass the legislation Friday. Earlier in the day, a Senate committee endorsed its version of the Republican-backed measure on an 8-7 party-line vote. Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell is expected to sign the bill [into law].

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