'Atlanta Housewives' Boycott Kenya Next Week + Preview the THREE Part Reunion [VIDEO]

Say What? Kenya kicks Porsha out of her old Hollywood themed party on next week’s episode, and gets the surprise of her life (other than the one about Walter might be gay) when all of the other cast leaves with her.

According to a previous conversation Kenya and Porsha discussed she would be Hally Berry in ‘B.A.P.S.‘ So why in did Porsha show up as Halle in ‘Dorothy Dandridge‘?

“That b***h knew exactly what she was doing when she came dressed as somebody else trynna be elegant and the b***h is far from it,” Kenya tells producers.

Cynthia dutily reports to her master NeNe who hasn’t arrived yet and gives her an update from the street. My, My Mrs. Porsha! Isn’t it ironic who is on the curb this time?!

I’m not posting the specific video here. But, on one of the reunion promos Andy Cohen announces this will be a three part reunion. Here’s a sneak peek from the show where we get to see the ladies’ fashions and Andy crowns the best shoe in the room.

Is it just me or did Phaedra really have the best shoe?

Tell me what you think!

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