Atlanta's Gay & Transgender Find Faith in Vision Church (video) + Addressing Gospel Artists Who Refuse to Perform There

The infamous Lexi!

In this throwback clip from The Lexi Showcovering openly gay Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen and First Gentleman Rashad Burgess from the Vision Church of Atlanta, a few of it’s 3,000+ members speak about how removing much debated sin of homosexuality helped them regain their faith in the Lord.

“People used to make me feel so bad,” transgender member India Lowe says. “I always had to fight, and that wasn’t me. I don’t like to fight. I don’t like to hurt people; but I had to put up that armor for people to leave me alone. But now that I’m getting more and more into the spirit it doesn’t bother me anymore … I am comfortable in my own skin.”

Another interesting point in the video is when Bishop Allen spoke about famous gospel artists who refuse to make appearances or perform at Vision Church. While he personally isn’t bothered, he says those artists should rethink their true calling:

“If you’re working on a job and your supervisor has given you ten places to go, in order to keep your job you go to those ten places. If your calling is from God, particularly gospel artists… what I find interesting is they will say ‘Lord send me whereever thou will send me! Here I am! Use me! Send me to the nations!’ And then when God starts to send you the nations, you decide which nation to go to and which nation not to go to. I think artists have to come to terms with what their call is.”

Watch the full interview here and visit Vision Church of Atlanta‘s website here.

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