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Beyonce Blesses Barclays Center with Inaugural Performance [video]

...And These Bitches Will Deal!

Beyonce Blesses Barclays Center with Inaugural Performance [video]

The Queen is … back?

An unsuspecting tweet passed by today: “Beyonce is in BK as I tweet. I think I’m skipping work and going to stalk her at Barclays my friend who works there said shes in sound check.”

But who knew it would actually evolve into a surprise performance at the inauguration of Jay-Z‘s new Barclays Center for his NBA team the Brooklyn Nets?

Get into the super thick, nappy roots diva perform abbreviated versions of her hits ‘Diva‘ and ‘Crazy In Love‘.



Jay-Z missed his cue during ‘Crazy In Love’? Really? I bet Bey gon’ snatch the cat back for a whole week until he finds a way to make it up. SMH.

Oh, and a quick visit to shows her in the studio writing and recording new music. Could this be a tease to a new era for The Queen?

Your Thoughts?


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