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Beyonce Details Previous Miscarriage & Miss Tina Going Off on Haters

...And These Bitches Will Deal!

Beyonce Details Previous Miscarriage & Miss Tina Going Off on Haters

Remember when Miss Tina & Solange went off on the haters who said The Queen was faking her pregnancy?

Click here to catch up if you missed it. But, in Beyoncé’s upcoming HBO documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream‘ she talks about protecting her mother from the press coverage of baby bump gate:

“I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumor about me not really being pregnant she was there when I went through all of those things,’ and my sister. They were very, very defensive. It’s not personal to me, and it comes along with thejob, but the lack of respect—people will just go too far sometimes.”

And, according to USA Today who was sent an advance copy of the set premiering February 16th:

[Beyoncé] shares footage of her trip to Paris with her nephew. She talks about wanting to “make love” to her husband. She explains why she decided to share her pregnancy news so visibly at the MTV awards.

Most notably: She opens up about her miscarriage two years ago, saying that one week she heard a heartbeat – and the next, nothing. And she talks about how devastating the loss was to her and how she retreated to the studio to deal with it.

Most movingly, she addresses stories that she used a surrogate to carry daughter Blue Ivy, now 1.

“There’s a stupid rumor. The most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever had about me. It’s crazy. To think I would be that vain – I respect mothers and women so much and to be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never, ever take that for granted. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. Especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. It seems like people should have boundaries,” says a visibly shaken Beyonce.

On a lighter note, The Queen talks about firing Mathew Knowles and her sex playlist for Jay-Z in previously released excerpts from the documentary. With all this new information we’re getting looks like the stans will be making a massive update her Wikipedia page!

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