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Beyoncé "Run The World (Girls)" video premiere.


Beyoncé "Run The World (Girls)" video premiere.

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Beyoncé is officially back! And, riding in style! After appearing on American Idol last night The Queen premiered the video for her new single. The whole internet went crazy (iMissed it cause I was sleep). But, after watching it this morning I don’t understand what caused the delay. NO DOUBT the video is great. But, if you gon’ fly muhhfuckas in from Africa and hire 200+ dancers…Imma need the choreography to be flyer than a G6. Watch below:

I know the President of the Beyoncé Stan Club gon’ send me a letter in the mail. But, I expected more. Other songs out right now (example: “Judas” by Lady Gaga) are over choreographed while a song like this one which demands high energy choreo is …lacking.

Your Thoughts?

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