Black Men On Grindr… I Have A Question For You! PLEASE READ


Research shows white, gay men on Grindr are less likely to use condoms and more likely to lie about their HIV status.

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Plus, since it’s initial release in 2009 Grindr users have said lots of disrespectful things like this:

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So… my question for you…

Why are you on Grindr?


  • Joh Jones
    8 Mar 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    OK…..a couple of questions: 1. Wait, Grindr is still a “thing”? I thought Black men basically moved en masse to Jack’d? (Kidding…and not)…but more importantly…

    2. What do you think the point of this particular piece is here on Ronald Matters? It begins with a VERY provocative issue that I’ve long wanted to explore/pontificate on/go off about for quite some time about Black men & HIV versus white men & HIV on these apps and a number of implications around that and HIV transmission (especially in light of recent CDC reports on the issue)…but then the whole thing gets derailed by a (separate?) series of screen shots of white men being derogatory toward Black men in different (racist) ways before going back to the HIV issue at the end.

    Is there a central question there other than my takeaway, “Why the fuck are you Black men chasing after white men on Grindr?”

  • Listener
    8 Mar 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I have the same sentiments as Joh Jones. Was expecting a bit more from this article.

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