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Blue Ivy Carter Named Honorary Citizen of Hvar

...And These Bitches Will Deal!

Blue Ivy Carter Named Honorary Citizen of Hvar

Blue Ivy Carter isn’t 12 months yet and she is still getting praise!

Hvar mayor Pjerino Bebic recently awarded baby Blue Croatian citizenship, stating that she and her parents increased the visits to the island. Last year Beyonce appeared on the island in a two piece white bikini, which was the first time paparazzi caught a shot of her bare baby bump. This is also the island in which Beyonce chose the name of her daughter, which was inspired from a Blue Ivy tree (see video below).

Like I said Blue Ivy Carter isn’t ever 12 months and she has already broken records and everything else. Blue Ivy is the youngest artist to ever appear on Billboard, and wasn’t even a week old. Blue Ivy broke a Twitter record for trends and wasn’t even a week old, now she gets a citizenship in a country she wasn’t even born in. Blue Ivy is already bossing it.


Written By: Terrell

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