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BRANDY: "My Dream Role Is To Play Whitney Houston."

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BRANDY: "My Dream Role Is To Play Whitney Houston."

Brandy for Upscale Magazine

Brandy is still promoting that untitled album she recently pushed back to May 2012. And, it seems like with every interview there’s a name drop, too. Don’t blame me for noticing. Blame Brandy for not having music out for people to care more about.

“My dream [movie] role is to play Whitney Houston,” tells True Exclusives when asked about acting. “No offense ladies. It’s a lot of talented ladies out there. But nobody can play Whitney Houston like me.”

She says a lot more. Here’s the full clip:

[video link]

I appreciate that Brandy has the thought of doing another film in her mind even support her idea of wanting to be a singer. BUUUT thank God we don’t have to tweet the truth to Brandy about her vocal range. I don’t know what singer from the last 100 years could she possibly portray. But, if the idea ever comes to fruition I’m sure I will love it.

Your thoughts?

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