NEW AALIYAH MUSIC IS HERE! Listen to ‘Shakin’ [feat Strado]’

Timbaland is currently preparing a music video with Mila J from his new compilation album ‘King Stays King‘ available today. RELATED: Aaliyah Tells Her Friends ‘Quit Hatin’ on Unreleased Track But the track most people are excited about is ‘Shakin’ [feat Strado]‘. People weren’t feeling Drake’s attempt to revive unfinished Aaliyah music and begged for Timbaland to step in. Did he get it right?


Timbaland is dropping a compilation release ‘King Stays King‘ on December 25th with unheard music in his lengthy catalog. Aaliyah fans are already predicting the new track is a combination of previously unreleased tracks “Quit Hatin‘” and “He Keeps Me Shakin’“. Listen for yourself right here.

NEW MUSIC: Aaliyah – ‘Quit Hatin’

Not too shabby for an unreleased track! Baby girl struggles between trade and her homegirls in the new track. “All my friends tell me [we] should have never dated/ But I’m in love with you/ And I’mma have to tell em/ Quit hatin’ on him.’ Quit hatin’ on him dammit! Aaliyah fans celebrated what would have been her 34th birthday earlier this month. And no, no more information about the Drake-produced album has been announced […]

Aaliyah's New Album Cover + My Thoughts.

I’ve been trying to avoid posting about Aaliyah because all these years later I still get emotional. Yes, I am a stan. Aaliyah’s label Blackground Records, who we all know isn’t making any money, is trying to revive their bank account balance by whoring out 16 unreleased tracks put together by annoying super fan/cover artist Drake. The new album is confirmed for 2013 release by Aaliyah’s uncle (who is also the CEO of the label) Barry […]

Timbaland and Missy are not participating in Aaliyah's new album!

So it seems as if Drake and Noah “40” Shebib will be the only one’s producing this new Aaliyah album. According to an interview that Billboard had with a rep from Missy’s team, her and Timbaland will not be participating in this album’s production. “Although Missy and Timbaland always strive to keep the memory of their close friend alive, we have not been contacted about the project nor are there any plans at this time […]

WATCH: BET's Aaliyah's Tribute.

Did BET finally get it right? I think they did! In ‘Aaliyah: One In A Million’ we get to see the singer’s rise to fame, and Tank cry while talking about her. Fatima Robinson talks about having to call Aaliyah’s family after the plane crash. Timbaland & Missy stop by to reminisce about the good times. And, some of Aaliyah’s best videos are shown between scenes. What’s your favorite Aaliyah song/video? Watch the tribute below: […]

AALIYAH: My Top 5 Songs + tribute news.

There’s no denying Aaliyah was a massive force during the 1990’s. After her debut album (and short marriage) with R. Kelly, she teamed up with Timbaland and Missy to change her sound and changed the game of R&B. BET will be airing a tribute –Aaliyah: One In A Million – tonight with special appearance from Tim and Missy alongside other stars in the industry. As I pay tribute to ‘baby girl’ today, these are my […]

Aaliyah Tribute coming to BET in August.

BET recently announced they plan to honor the 10th anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing next month.  The singer unexpectedly lost her life in a plane crash from the Bahamas back to the states in 2001. No date for the tribute has been given to the public; although, I hope they air the special on the day she passed, August 25th. As an Aaliyah fan, this tribute is very dear to me. And, since BET is known […]

THROWBACK: Yall remember when this was cute?

image via TheBoyNextDior Look at all these colors variations of red, white, and blue and  then “Tommy Hilfiger” written all over everything.  It’s a hot a** mess now…but everybody thought it was the bizness back then! And, if you remember when Tommy Hilfiger was hot, you probably also remember the day a rumor went rampant in the hood that he didn’t like black people and then For Us By Us (aka F.U.B.U.) became popular… another […]

Aaliyah: The 9th Anniversary of her Passing.

R&B megastar Aaliyah died Aug. 25, 2001 in a plane crash after filming the video for her song “Rock The Boat.” Gone too soon, iRemember being in my room rewinding the VHS iRecorded the video on, learning every step she did in that video.  I also remember attempting to learn the choreo to her second single “More Than A Woman.” But, I was involved in too much sh*t in middle school to have time to really learn all of […]