Our Least Favorite QUEEN Ray J is Still Pressed Over That Kardashian Cooch

I am so sick of this girl Ray J she is doing the most. Ray J has been pressed for years over Kim Kardashian‘s rise to fame from their sex tape together. Today Ray J released the cover of his new single  “I Hit It First” and the photo is pixilated but in another photo we can tell that it’s Kim Kardashian’s body.

GAY STUDY: The BIGGEST Homophobes Have Repressed Same Sex Attractions

Now I know why those gang members really beat me up in that bathroom in 7th grade. Research by teams from the University of Rochester, the University of Essex, England, and the University of California in Santa Barbara published findings from their four separate studies in this month’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. “Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by […]

TRINA WHO!? 'Fem Tops, Thug Bottoms'

[video link] “I’m talking ’bout coulda got fucked tonight by trade… throwin’ it back while I’m throwing shade.Thought it was time for a change… that’s right I said it. I let a fem top hit it.”  –Malachi Apparently the unemployment rate across America is hitting trade harder than we thought as bottoms are now turning to the 1% of fem tops to get the job done. Fellow fag/rapper named Malachi from Charlotte, North Carolina murked […]

Jay-Z snatches Sky Magazine cover.

Money is the root of all evil! This proves it. iNever pictured this nappy-headed hoe as a cover model. But, apparently, money can get Beyonce’s husband anything he wants. I just hope this magazine is only available on Delta Airlines flights…let us pray.

Chris Brown's hair is black again…in case you care.

iSee Chris Brown has discovered people are watching his EVERY move again. And, any little thing he does will be blogged about. Apparently, that little “phase” he went through with the blonde hair is over…

FINALLY FREE: DaBrat released from jail.

After 3 years in prison for aggrevated assault,  “Funkdafied” rapper Da Brat was released yesterday. Apparently back in ’07 she was upset after a waitress bumped into her at a club, and cussed the waitress out. While the waitress reported the incident to her manager, Brat clocked her with a rum bottle. #awful Brat had already served probation for pistol-whipping another woman back in 2000. What’s the tea on Brat and her weapon choices? LOL. Anyway…here’s a […]

Fantasia pouts about Aretha Franklin tribute.

Singer/homewrecker Fantasia phoned in to 106 & Park this week……STOP THE TRACK!1. First of all, who still watches that show? #killyourself2. And, why did Fantasia call them? To promote homewrecking?? Anyway, apparently Fanny was super hot about not being invited to perform in the Aretha tribute and had this to say: I’m going to be very honest with you. You know I wasnt at the Grammys last night, I’m kind of going through my own little […]

Ciara 'hopes & prays' her label drops her…WTF?

CHIIIILD, if we can all come together and help Aretha beat cancer, iKnow d*mn well we can all help Ciara get dropped from her record label! Apparently, homegirl ain’t happy with her situation at Jive and wants to give them the ole heeve-hoe. So, won’t you PLEASE take a moment and bow your head in honor of the princess of Crunk n’ B? From Ciara’s facebook: To my fans: This week the net has been […]

NAACP Image Awards nominations announced.

The man/woman itself Sade (apparently I’m the only person who thinks this stuck up diva sounds like a man) leads this year’s music nominations for the 2011 NAACP Image Awards. Sade’s much anticipated album Soldier of Love released last year is nominated for Outstanding Female Artist (I thought Sade was a group?), Outstanding Song AND  Music Video for “Soldier of Love,” and Outstanding Album. Nicki Minaj is up against Willow Smith for best new artist […]

Imagine of the these in the club with you…

CHIIILD…apparently it’s cool for your 1,600 pound Bison to hop in the car with you and go make rounds at the local bars now. Do you own a Bison? If not, you betta get you one!!