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Halloween RoundUp: Gay Costumes Slayage 2016

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ronnie (@lilrone) on Oct 30, 2016 at 1:16am PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ratchet by Demand (@stupidwildtez) on Oct 30, 2016 at 6:00am PDT Y’all have won all the costume contests, snatched all the trophies, and won my heart with your commitment to your look. Let’s look at these photos and hope we can attempt to be as immaculate for Halloween […]

New Gay App ARTKUTEC Is A Must Have! Watch This Preview

Years ago I wrote for Mocca Magazine beggin’ and pleadin’ like Brandy – click here to read it – for LGBT content creators to create an urban indie streaming network, a gay Netflix, for all of our amazing, award-winning content. And, look what fell from the sky two years later! *twirls*

‘Prancing Elites’ Returns Jan 19! Buff Men Wanted + Are They Adding REAL Fish to the Squad? [VIDEO]

Kentrell, Adrian and the rest of the gang return to Tuesdays on Oxygen this week. New wigs, new makeup, and … adding women to their team? Press play to see all the shenanigans coming to ‘The Prancing Elites Project’s this season. [video link]

MUST SEE: Brandy & India Arie in BET’s ‘Zoe Ever After’ Premiere! [FULL EPISODE]

The laughing track is a bit much but Brandy slayed her return to television. Not to say too much but B Rocka’s character Zoe Moon is the ex-wife of a champion boxer who made the consious decision to not join a reality show. She wants to start a cosmetics company and raise their son in peace. Somehow, it doesn’t look like peace will be happening any time soon.

NEW VIDEO: Trina – ‘Fuck Boy’

Mister man found out his girl’s knob slobbing skills were sub par and decided to revisit Trina. Welp, it doesn’t seem like she’s interested anymore. RELATED: Trina ‘Knocks Out’ Alter Ego Photoshoot ‘The Baddest Bitch‘ has confirmed her next album is due Spring 2016. Until then build your confidence and learn to let go with ‘Fuck Boy‘. Hit it! [video link] Does Trina get 10’s or is it a chop? Score the video in the comments […]


Guess who still owns the Holiday Billboard Chart 20 years later… It’s Mariah Carey! To celebrate owning the season MC performed a series of shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York recently where she freestyled a new song on the spot. Are you ready for ‘Christmas in New York‘? Get sleighed and slayed below. Hit it!

#PattiPie Is Back + Watch James Wright Chanel on Patti Labelle’s Cooking Show!

Tune in Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 E.T. on the Cooking Channel! Sneak a peek of the hilarious James Wright Chanel with Patti Labelle sampling a sweet treat (no, not the infamous sweet potato pie) in the video below. Walmart President & CEO Doug McMillon announced on Instagram that new shipments started arriving in stores today (Dec. 8). He writes: “They’re back! Starting today and over the next two weeks, new shipments of #PattiPie arrive in stores […]

NEW SHOW: ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Promises “Glamorous Galas” & “Scintillating Scandals”

A series about ladies of the Lone Star state has been marinating since 2012 with a rumored cast and everything. Now it looks like it’s finally happening. via Bravo: “From glamorous galas to scintillating scandals, and supersized spending habits, life in the elite tier of the Dallas social scene is hard to crack, and even harder to maintain. Whether driven by vanity, personal validation, or career advancement, these Lone Star ladies all share the same […]

Beyonce Scheduled to Slay ‘Lip Sync Battle’! Here’s What We Know So Far…

We’ve seen examples of Beyoncé lip syncing many times, the most debatable is ‘Deja Vu‘ at the 2006 BET Awards. How could she be scooting on the floor and singing at the same time? Hmm…

Sex Playlist: Tiffany Evans Craves Round Two on ‘T.M.I.’

You know it’s serious when she calls out at work! So, get your banana, your pork sausage, your push pop or whatever you call that thang and get it to Tiffany Evans doorstep quick! LOL Tiffany’s new EP ‘All Me‘ is due October 30th. Press play and get a tease of what’s to come.