Yes, You Care: Ciara’s New Album Ranked Her Lowest First Week Sales to Date

sidebar: I’m ready for a new Keri Hilson album. Her singles are always catchy.

Ciara Speaks on New Album: "I Want to Share Pieces of Myself With The World"

Once again Ciara joins the ‘my next album will be the most personal I’ve ever done’ club. And we all know just like Ciara fans ranted in their open letter about dropping Future and focusing on her music … that shit is a damn lie. Anyway… Ciara covers the Fall/Winter 2013 edition of Genlux Magazine. She tells them, “I’m in the process of making a new album.” Why even bother when her latest hit ‘Body […]

Ciara Fans Demand She "Get It Together" & Explain How She Plans to be Successful

Dear Ciara, You may be reading this wondering why I am writing this *sips tea* We (Csquad) have it up to here with the silent treatment. There is NO way you don’t see us messaging you on Twitter. It seems like you pay more attention to the haters than the people who really LOVE you…us…. But I have had it, I am so done sweet talking you I am honestly disappointed with you and the […]

Ciara Serves Under Cleavage in GQ Magazine… HOT HOT HOT!

‘Body Party’ just fell out of the Top 20 on Billboard Hot 100 but Ciara definitely has a plan to get it back up there. In the latest ‘GQ+A’ for GQ Magazine CiCi discusses how she knew the track was a hit and what’s next. GQ: This year’s been great for you. Your new album, Ciara, was a hit and “Body Party” went Gold—it’s one of my favorite tracks this year. Ciara: It’s one of […]

Ciara Performs Sexy 'DUI [Acoustic]' Remix at Grammy HQ

Cici did her best to be the lead vocalist, back up singer, and backing track for this slow jam from her latest album ‘Ciara‘. I like the vocal overall; but, this definitely wasn’t planned all the way through before execution (like most of Ciara’s career). Your Thoughts? Comments below

PLEASE Buy Ciara's Album on Groupon So She Can Stop THIS!!

I don’t know what she’s saying, and really don’t give a fuck. But who promotes their 5th album after 9  years in the game with their head looking like this? Like, really! Ciara is currently #31 on Billboard Top 200 albums charts with 83,306 copies sold since release last month. Click the picture below to get ‘Ciara’ and her greatest hits album for $13.99 on Groupon.

How Many Copies Did 'Ciara' Sell in the First Week?

“MAGNA CARTA? HOLY SHIT!!!!” reads Hits Daily Double’s rundown of this week’s Billboard sales. Blue Ivy’s daddy sold 528,000 copies of his new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ this week.  Add that to the 1 million copies he sold to Samsung and that makes 1.5 million copies sold in 11 days. Ciara sold 57,000 copies of her self-titled album. That’s a major upgrade from the 37,000 sold first week with her last album ‘Basic Instinct’. […]

Yes Gawd: Ciara Gon' Have A CUTE Billboard Debut Next Week

After clocking 10 million YouTube views of her new single ‘I’m Out’ in one week, booking ‘106 & Park’ for a week, and other standard promo appearances, it looks like Ciara will finally sell more than 37,000 copies in the first week! Cici just dropped her fifth album ‘Ciara’; and according to sales predictions the ‘Body Party’ songstress will push 55k-65k copies. If you dig deep in your brain next to memories of the awful […]

WATCH: Ciara Preps 5 New Videos, Including 'D.U.I.' & 'Sophomore'

Gotta get that money mane. Ciara can’t book many stages; but, the girl sure can loop some IG videos in her garage. Yesterday CiCi previewed two of five new visuals she’s filmed for her album ‘Ciara’ dropping next week. OMG! Insider says Ci wants fans to have a visual of where she was going with the meaning of the songs during recording. No tea no shade but it doesn’t look like it included a big […]

Beyonce Takes a Month Off Work and LOOK Where Her Dancers End Up…

Dancing with the likes of Ciara!! OMG! Y’all know The Queen would NOT have let this picture hit the press, especially with their mugs behind Ciara’s can of sardine smellin’ ass. Anyway, Ashley Everett and Ebony Williams, as featured in Beyonce’…