Danity Kane

FINALLY! Dawn Richard Reveals What Caused the Danity Kane Break Up

My heart is damaged, so damaged after watching Dawn Richard reveal to Tony Moore her final moments in the multi-platinum singing group. “I was so confused. We were in a white van, because they transport us in this Scooby Doo van every time we go do things. And we were in the car like ‘Bet! We gonna lie to Puff and we gonna tell him everything is cool. We’re not fighting. We just going to […]

D. Woods Speaks on Danity Kane Reunion, Says Nobody Invited Her Back

She found out about the reunion on Twitter like the rest of us. What a shame. In D. Woods interview with Bijou Star the former Danity Kane sanger says even though she wasn’t asked to join the reincarnation, she simply doesn’t have time for the Aubrey and Dawn drama anyway. She’s got her own label, twerking her theatre degree from NYU, and developing her own artists. “[If] it makes sense in my schedule and the […]

IT'S OFFICIAL! Danity Kane Darlings Dawn & Aubrey Have Squashed Their Beef.

Everybody knows after the reign of Diddy’s infamous Making The Band group Danity Dane Miss Aubrey O’Day was pissed because she felt Diddy was grooming Dawn Richard for solo success. And, even though that did (kinda sorta) prove to be true in recent years, Aubs has clearly moved pass the flops of her solo attempts and is ready to kiss ass. The Celebrity Apprentice star took to twitter today to announce they have made amends:

WATCH: Aubrey (from Danity Kane) gets her own show.

Dawn just had her run with Diddy-Dirty Money and now it’s “All About Aubrey!!” Watching this 20-second clip brought a tear to my eye.  I remember like yesterday when I watched Diddy take us a 2-year trek with the show Making The Band 3 on MTV before he chose the girls for Danity Kane. And, it seems like their whole career lasted the same amount of time… R.I.P. Danity Kane I hope wit this new show Aubrey has learned […]