PREMIERE: Rihanna's 'What's My Name' video.

Where Chris Brown at? Imma need him to come whoop her ass again so she can start making good videos…this shit was boring and a waste of 4 minutes of my goddamn life. #iQuit

Rihanna n' Drake’s 'What’s My Name' behind the scenes.

iThink (and hope like hell for Rihanna’s sake that) this will be a good video. “Only Girl [In The World] ” video was SUPER sucky and RiRi needs to be delievered. And, Drake… #nocomment Video below:

Lil Wayne's Surprise appearance in Las Vegas!

Lil’ Wayne made a surprise appearance in Las Vegas at the last stop of Drake’s Light Dreams & Nightmares tour. Forward to 2:25 to see the crowd to wild for Weezy:

NEW MUSIC: Drake is singing again + new mixtape soon.

Drake – “I Get Lonely Too”[DOWNLOAD LINK] From Drake‘s forthcoming mixtape “It’s Never Enough.” No release date yet… I love when Drake sings…that rappin’ stuff needs to cease.

i thoroughly enjoyed this music video.

maybe it’s cuz i’m tipsy right now…or maybe its just a good video! Here is Drake [feat Lil Wayne] “Miss Me”