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Tre Melvin Gets Half Naked in ‘Shit Black Gay Guys Say’ [VIDEO]

“I’m not featuring that!” Youtube star Tre Melvin says on the phone. “That’s messy!” Press play and dig into the 2016 edition of gay slang. [video link]

UH OH! Man with Little Penis Goes on ‘Atlanta Plastic’ with Hopes Of A 12-Inch Blessing

“I’m basically the total package…with no package,” says Mike Stallion, an aspiring rapper. Mike tells the hunnies on his episode of ‘Atlanta Plastic‘ his meat is 4-inches when you look at it from certain angles. Mike says, “The day I realized I had the short end of the stick was when I started playing football in high school. I kind of saw what some of the other guys had, not staring at it you see it […]

Gay Exes Play ‘Truth or Drink’ … This Game is DANGEROUS! [VIDEO]

Imagine getting a chance to have that slut or jackass that dumped you answer all those questions you still feel you deserve answers to? “Do you still think of me while you’re masturbating?” “Is there anything you should apologize for?” “How long did it take you to get over us and what did you do to help yourself get over it?”

#NoFatNoFems Jack’d Shades Its Own Users in New Comedy Video

Heyyy comedian @OfficialSampson! Stalkers, fembots, and lovers of the infamous saying “no fats, no fems” are all reaching for their scarlet letter since realizing they’re the target in this video. For the betterment of all man kind (yes, betterment is a real word), I hope others watching learn to chill and stop this creepy behavior. Press play and get giggly. [video link]

Gays, Have Y’all Seen the BOOTY of Ellis Banks?

Clock the mug! Clock the hijab leotard! And definitely clock the booty! In co-celebration with DBQ Magazine‘s annual Gay Pride issue, singer Ellis Banks celebrates his 600th YouTube video in with a series of 10 drag performances. Check out his best performances below starting with Jennifer Lopez’s latest single. ‘Booty’ [video link]

HILARIOUS: This Beyonce Fan Explains Why Her Concert Tickets Are Worth $1,600

“Don’t get mad because she thinks she’s worth more than your little minimum wage pay check honey!” In 5 minutes YouTuber Adrian Xpression reads you lessor girls from sea to shining sea about his fave and why she is worth the prices for her joint ‘On the Run Tour‘ with hubby Jay-Z. “When I look to my right and I see Barbra Streisand is charging people $1,500 plus $75 processing fee for a ticket, then […]

13 HILARIOUS Mimi Memes From Her “Sex Tape”

We’ve all seen Mimi’s implants and Nikko’s chico stick hard at work. But, where can we get one of those shower poles!? Maybe Instagram can help us?

MUST SEE: Kelly Rowland Apologizes For ‘2nd Lead Vocalist’ Comment (Parody)

Looking to secure a good endorsement on her LinkedIn profile, Kelly Rowland has finally apologized to The Beyonce Administration for her stunts. Well, kinda! [video link]

Gay Beyonce Fan Gives Life Advice … Prepare Yourself! [VIDEO]

Go off Queen! “[People say] ‘No Martin! I don’t think you should do that…Are you Beyonce? Then shut the fuck up!” BASICALLY.

HILARIOUS: 'Got 2B Real' – Life After Episode

@PattiLahelle says our favorite voice over show is not coming back – sad face – she just wants to give ‘Got 2B Real’ fans a holiday treat. And, what a treat it is. Grab your Life Alert and press play! [video link]