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Gay Frat Member Told I Can Accept You Into Christ But NOT As My Brother… WTF?

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. really shady like this? “LGBTQ identities are going to increase so why not be more inclusive of them?” George Johnson asks. “Anytime you try and put yourself in a place of privilege as ‘Well I’m a Black Greek’, ‘I’m Black middle class’… all you’re really doing is watching people drown until you’re thrown off the boat by White supremacy.” Press play below and watch the Slay TV spotlight on George’s divine […]

New Jack’d Feature Coming Soon, Read The Press Release

Due to the rise in hate crimes in America Jack’d says it will bring its GPS blurring feature used in other countries here to protect American citizens. We’re still raising money to support Abounding Prosperity, an LGBT Center in Dallas that was set ablaze by an arsonist. Click HERE to donate. Press release via Towleroad: Before the launch of the blurring feature, Jack’d had disabled location sharing in countries where homosexuality was illegal. The blurring […]

Men Having Babies Conference Helps Gay Couples Make Having A Child Easier [VIDEO]

A post shared by @bombgaycouples on Apr 3, 2017 at 1:37pm PDT The revolution isn’t being televised (due to the Trump coverage) but information around making LGBT surrogacy easier is getting out. Men Having Babies has been having conferences worldwide since 2005 and they have three more conferences coming up in 2017. Dallas – June 10-11, 2017 Brussels – September 23-24, 2017 New York – November 12, 2017 A post shared by @bombgaycouples on Mar […]

Stunt Queens Called to the Carpet on Latest #GayCode Episode

“My name is Julius McFly and I am a stunt queen,” Julius reveals in the intro. “Well, I used to be.” Julius relives his 16-month jail stay, tells viewers which cities are flooded with “crafters”, and which traits a stunter usually possess. Press play above and ki ki with me.

Gay Men CONTINUE to Spend More Money Partying Than Giving to LGBT Organizations…But WHY?

Our only saving grace is that the 3.1 percent of LGBT Americans that do give are handing out more per donation. The annual National LGBT Movement Report by Movement Advancement Project examines financial health of 36 organizations – including GLAAD, ACLU, GLSEN, The Trevor Project. etc. – and represent 75% of budgets from all LGBT social justice organizations. Their 2016 release approximates $188.7 million in contributions over the previous calendar year.

ON BLAST: Atlanta Promoters vs Milan Christopher

Is he just mad his gay story line on ‘Love and Hip Hop‘ didn’t get him booked OR does he have a valid point? RELATED: Gay Atlanta Promoters Rant About Losing THOUSANDS of Dollars on Events The former reality star roasted the “lazy greedy” promoters and accuse them of “booking cheap locals that you can see at The mall”. Whoa! via Facebook: I heard Atl pride was extremely Light this past weekend.. And in all […]

Gay Domestic Violence Study Shows Black Couples Continue to Be Abusive [VIDEO]

It’s time to get serious guys! We make up 77% of homicides? The annual ‘Report on Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and HIV-Affected Communities in the U.S.’ examines the experiences of 1,976 survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) who reported to 17 National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs member organizations from 14 states across the country. Victims under age 24 are most likely to be experience sexual violence and 64% of all […]

Gay Men, Do You Care About LGBT Youth Homelessness?

I’m asking for a friend. Our young brothers and sistas are coming out at earlier ages so the new research says. But, straight people still have the age old tradition of if they don’t see it then it doesn’t exist. This includes their own children. An estimated 1.6 million youth are homeless each year and about 40% of them of LGBT according to the True Colors Fund.

WATCH: Gay Documentary ‘CHEMSEX’ Exposes Men Who Take Tina, GHB, & Other Drugs for Sex

Tina, M-CAT, GHB, GBL, Ketamin, Meow Meow – David Stuart at his clinic 56 Dean St. says more than 300 men monthly confess to using meth or drugs in it’s class. Miguel, Dick, Andrew, Enrique, Simon, and a few anonymous interviewees reveal why they are addicted to CHEMSEX. “Gay men grow up isolated and drugs encourage communication and community,” says one man. Another reveals, “In that moment you’re important to the person you’re fucking. You’re […]

Gay Relationship Advice for Young, Black Men from Johnnell Terrell [VIDEO]

Tyrone Wells and Johnnell Terrell are well known for their bookings, their likes, and their love across social media. Johnnell recently asked a question about open relationships on his Facebook and the comment section went into nuclear territory; so, he made a video response about why Black, gay relationships don’t work. “We go through so many experiences in our lifetime that when it is actually time for us to actually settle down and we have […]