IT’S OFFICIAL! Gay Series ‘Tha Life’ Announces A New City

Dr. George Smith is revolutionizing Black, gay men in the media. No matter how you feel about him personally, his series ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’ is thrusting eyes of all kinds onto our people and showing them we deserve a place on the screen, too. Now that ‘Tha Life’ has conquered Atlanta Dr. Smith is ready to move on to another city. Which city has been chosen? Find out below.

GAYS GET READY: ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’ Is Casting In New Cities!

Y’all said the Atlanta gays ain’t got no jobs, their fashions are older than box Chevy’s, and their relationships will put newborns to bed instantly. We’ll here’s your chance to wake things up. Dr. George Smith has started a campaign and needs your help to bring ‘Tha Life’ to two new cities.

Any Gay HIV+ Models Want $5,000 for One Day of Work?

An opportunity like this don’t come along too often. And as you see in the details, it won’t be around too long! Here’s what I got from Casting Call For HIV+ Men and Women – Deadline 5/2 I am looking for Latin/Hispanic and African American HIV+ Men & Women age range of 21-35 to participate in a photo shoot. No modeling experience is necessary, but you must be HIV+ (we will need a doctor’s […]

Lil Mo Dropped a BANGIN’ Remix to ‘Lookin’ Ass Niggas’!

‘No bum niggas who can’t me cum ass niggas’! Go off Lil Mo. The newly divorced R&B singer has a lot to say in this unexpected track. Press play child!

Oprah Announces Toni Braxton is Coming to OWN

This lady is officially a stunt queen! After threatening retirement last year because nobody was buying her records, Toni Braxton has put out an album ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce‘, been in Broadway’s ‘After Midnight’, and now she’s starring in a TV movie.

NeNe Leakes Clothing Line Coming This Summer, Did Marlo Inspire This, too?

On Nene’s blog this week she read Kenya and Marlo from sea to shining sea for bringing up her failing Hollywood career. At the end of her post Nene reminded her fans (and lurking ass Kenya) that her new clothing line is coming in July 2014.

Gay Couples, Here’s Some IRS Tax Filing FAQ’s [VIDEO]

Why did I watch this thinking ‘Damn! For a video made in 2014, this lady’s outfit looks old as fuck!’Guess it’s because I’m single. Hopefully, a few of you guys benefit from this for real though. Can you believe 17 states (and Washington, D.C.) already off same-sex marriage? #AMAZING! [video link]

TWERK ANTHEM: RuPaul Raps Better Than Your Fave in ‘Geronimo’

Julian will poke his back out anywhere there’s a check book. #GetMoneyBitch And, who knew Ru could rap like this? Is Nicki Minaj her ghost writer? Y’all I’m over here getting my entire life!

Gay Study Proves ONCE AGAIN We Make More $$$ Than Straight People

If only we could buy the Mormon church and put them out of business. Oh wait, church isn’t a business that uses donations to promote it’s homophobic agenda, it’s about Jesus Christ. Ha! Here’s three fast facts from “Money, Myths, and Change: The Economic Lives Of Lesbians and Gay Men” via QUEERTY– Based on Census data, the median gay male household income is $105,000, more than 20% higher than that of their straight counterparts, who […]

Tamar Braxton Performs 'Pieces' & 'White Candle' at iTunes Festival

Great voice, bad wig. The youngest Braxton brings some R&B love to the predominately pop iTunes Festival. Dig into the low quality videos some her UK performance below. ‘The One’ ‘Pieces’ ‘All The Way Home’ ‘White Candle’ ‘Hot Sugar’ & ‘Love & War’