‘Chocolate City 2: Vegas Strip’ Starring Michael Jai White, BOLO, Vivica A. Fox & Nem Is Here! [VIDEO]

Ginuwine sings @Rihanna and the bodies of the mens involved continue to be a reason to disregard the cheesy plot, and slurp up on body sweat delivered in the Black version of ‘Magic Mike’ stripper movies. Does anybody know why this is a straight to Netflix sequel? [CLICK HERE TO WATCH Chocolate City 2] Press play below to watch the trailer. [video link]

Tyrese’s Peen Print is EVERYTHING, Preview TGT’s New Album [VIDEO]

Forward to the 0:55 mark (then to 1:15) and get your life. Child, I can’t imagine the size of that thing. With Tank and Ginuwine joining him for this ‘Three Kings’ album dropping Aug. 20th, you don’t even know how wet it’s about to be around…

Ginuwine got a reality show? + other links I'm looking at. Umm …did he just tell his record label he ‘been in this game’ and he selling records? Chiiiild…raise your hand if you bought his latest album Elgin. I’ll wait! 98% of the world didn’t even know his album was even in the works. And, that guy at the radio station murdered “In Those Jeans” right in Ginuwine’s face. He deserved that shit, too. Also, I must say all these slits and cuts on Ginuwine’s face […]

Some links I'm loving…

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