Anal Cancer Study Offering $2,100 To Participants, Here’s The Details [VIDEO]

“Anal cancer is on the rise for people living with HIV. In fact, people living with HIV are at 80 times more risk of developing anal cancer than people without HIV,” says

Poppers Causing Eye Damage, Multiple Studies Warn Consumers [VIDEO]

Inhale this liquid then there’s a drop in your blood pressure that causes your heart rate to go up. Do this right as you’re about to ejaculate and the one to two minute high increases your pleasure. But, is it worth it? RELATED: ‘CHEMSEX’ Explores Men Who Use Tina, GHB, & Other Drugs for Sex First there were multiple reports of death; now, there’s upwards of 50 cases of vision trauma.

Fisting for the First Time? Here’s 23 Tips to Prepare Your Hole [VIDEO]

International Fisting Day happens every October and it’s important to prepare before the act. In addition to regular sex prep there are some specific steps to add when your partner will be diggin’ deeper into your anal cavity. Here are some tips via Uber Kinky. 1. A glove, lots of lube, and a sheet are required. 2. Douche or use an enema 3-4 hours before your fun, and then a quick, gentle douche right before […]

Gay Men Are You Aware Hepatitis-C Infections Are Rising? [VIDEO]

“Fisting is a fairly traumatic practice to the bum. And, because of that micro trauma to the bum, [it] makes it fairly easy for blood to blood contact to occur,” says Australian Dr. George Forgman-Smith. “If you are fisting use gloves, lots of lube and to start very, very gently to reduce the amount of trauma that can happen.” But, that’s not the only way hepatitis-C is intruding our bodies.

Gay Men Beware: Meningitis Outbreak In California, Vaccinations Recommended [VIDEO]

The California Department of Public Health is usually second to New York’s annual advisory; but, hopefully things are tame in the Big Apple. This recent press release from California is shocking: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) reports that the number of Invasive Meningococcal Disease cases has recently increased. The newest case is confirmed in a young adult, gay man who works in LA County. He is currently hospitalized and receiving […]

15 Penis Facts You Should Know – Most Men Are Growers, Premature Ejaculate & More Dick is a powerful drug. Let the church say amen?! And, in order to keep our favorite drug of choice at it’s maximum potency, here’s 15 tips about the male sex organ you should definitely write down and store for later. PENIS FACT #1 Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you […]

Men Think About Having Sex & Food Almost Equally, Study Says

There’s so many euphemisms about filling a man’s stomach and emptying his balls. This study by Ohio State University for the Journal of Sex Research just put some validity to them. Findings say men think about sex 19 times a day, food 18 times a day, and sleep 11 times per day. Scientists discovered these thoughts are twice as much as women who entertain the thought just ten times a day on average. Women also thought less about […]

Men with Bellies Last Longer in Bed, Study Says

Missionary or bae on top can help if you have trouble making it last, according to Cosmo Magazine. They also recommend “the squeeze technique” for men. In other news, a study published in The Journey of Sexual Medicine says men with higher body mass indexes (BMI) last longer in the sack, averaging 7.3 minutes, when compared to the two minutes of their skinny, flat belly counterparts. The study confirms, “As the BMI increased, the number […]

Bottoms Beware: 10 Prostate Cancer Facts You Should Know

Trade and I (don’t judge me) were doing research so he can do a better job at stroking my thing thang inside my hoo ha when I found this great fast facts sheet about prostate cancer. Facts include: * If you are treated for prostate cancer you may experience changes in your sexual performance and pleasure including the loss of ejaculate. *An estimated 220,8000 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015. * Some good news […]

NEEDED: Gay Couples Earn $$$ with #GoDeeper Research Campaign

“Sexual Health Testing DOES NOT STOP once you are in a relationship! Join us in the fight for a healthier, stronger community and #godeeper by taking part in our study!” love coaches Juan and Gee Sessions-Smalls said on their Facebook. 1200 LGBT couples are needed in Emory University’s HIV couples research study. Juan and Gee will be featured in ads across multiple platforms – hopefully more like this current one! – encouraging couples to participate.