GAY MEN BEWARE: Syphilis Rates in NYC, AIDS Diagnoses in Atlanta on the Rise

HIV that has already progressed to full-blown AIDS before you are even diagnosed? Medical professionals in Atlanta, GA says their state, ranking number one in America with most new HIV infections, lacks state funding to combat the disease. — Read via NPR SYPHILIS RATES IN CHELSEA ARE 6 TIMES THE NYC AVERAGE AND ARE BEING DRIVEN PRIMARILY BY GAY MEN — Towleroad What ‘Empire‘ Got Right About My Struggle with Mental Illness — MUSED 20 […]

Death At Atlanta Bathhouse Under Investigation, Here’s What We Know So Far

Police arrived shortly after 3 p.m. on Tuesday (Feb. 10) to investigate an executive suite on the main floor of Flex Spas Atlanta, a gay mens social club, where Project Q reports a man was found dead inside. Was there any foul play? From Project Q: An Atlanta police spokesperson said officers responded to Flex after the man’s body was discovered inside the sprawling facility on 4th Street next to the Downtown Connector. But police do […]

GAYS BEWARE: Incurable ‘Sudden Sniffing Death’ From Using Poppers Is Among Us!

Researchers at UCLA are warning people that an underground drug called “poppers”, which was made popular in the 1990’s, now has ingredients like household glues, aerosols, and other ewwy crap our fabulous bodies is not meant to consume. There is also a new possible side effect called “sudden sniffing death” doctors won’t be able to diagnose until it’s too late to treat.

NEW CHALLENGE: T-Boz & Monica Endorse #BoldLipsForSickleCell

Sick of the #IceBucketChallenge? Well, a new one is on the rise. September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month and Instagram user @whambam_thankyou_sham has something to say: So the official name of the challenge I’m proposing is #BoldLipsForSickleCellChallenge to participate in this challenge you could post a selfie rocking your best burgundy or red lipstick. You can post a video applying the lipstick and explain why you’re apart of the challenge or you could post a […]

Any Gays Wanna Make $30 Answering 8 Questions Online?

Sizzle is in a few weeks and $30 would be a cute discount on some new swimwear. So, of course I had to share. Project Achieve is offering “men and transwomen” in the NYC area the opportunity give their opinion on what they” think about studies on new ways to prevent HIV infection”.

GAY HEALTH WARNING: Get Meningitis Vaccine if You’re Visiting L.A.

There have been 8 infections in the last four months, 4 of those infected were gay, and 3 of those 4 gay men are no longer with us. Via an press release earlier this month: San Francisco’s Department of Public Health is recommending gay men in the Bay Area get the meningococcal vaccination seven to 10 days prior to having sex with gay men from Los Angeles. The warning comes in response to an April 2 […]

Gay Sex Escorts Aren’t Concerned About HIV, Study Says

Mama always said if you’re going to be a hoe to be the best at it. So, it’s no surprise Dr. Christian Grov and friends at the Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training discovered the top priorities for escorts are how to market themselves online and attracting the “right” clients for longer times. After surveying 400+ men on, concern for safer sex didn’t even make the top ten. I was shocked to see […]

Jack’d & Grindr Extra Profiles Being Bought by Local Health Departments?

They’ve got to reach their customer some kind of way! Or, are we going to cry foul with waste of government funds? San Mateo County (in the San Francisco Bay Area) admits to spending $55/year on two Grindr Extra profiles plus money to buy fake profile photos to entice the locals. After Grindr users hit them up they expose themselves (figuratively LOL) as the health department and offer free sex health advice. Darryl Lampkin, prevention […]

MUST SEE: Gays Nationwide Are Pulling a BIG Stunt Today [VIDEO]

I sure hate it for people working at blood donation centers today (July 12). Gay rights activist and producer of the documentary ‘Second Class Citizens’ Ryan James Yezak has asked the gays nationwide to storm the places that save over 5 million…

'WET' Lube Warns Gays of Meningitis Outbreak [VIDEO]

New York City gay pride is coming up June 28-30th and WET lube wants travelers to be well aware of the stunts the gays have going on down to the clinic. Their brand ambassador Tony Martin recommends not even taking a puff of your homie’s blunt because it’s just that real in the streets. The bacterial disease has “sickened” 22 people and killed seven in the last two years according to a report from NBC […]