Gay Men, Can You Imagine If HIV Prevention Medicine Was $1.20? It’s Happening! [VIDEO]

Preventative medicine in the new black. Hopefully, the practice of this theory will hold true for America instead of us watching it happen everywhere else.

HIV Decriminalization Bill Proposed, Encourages People To Take Responsibility & Ask Partners Their Status

Republicans are opposing the latest legislation that some say will help the decriminalization HIV, which will help curb stigma, which in turn will decrease new infections.

Gay Men, Have You Heard About ANOTHER New PrEP Pill Coming Soon?

Gilead Sciences continues to dominate the HIV market as an updated version of Tenofovir – an active ingredient in Truvada – prepares to go head to head with it’s predecessor. Will Descovy be the next pre-exposure prophylaxis (aka PrEP) pill to ask your doctor about? via POZ Magazine: Following promising results from animal research, Gilead has begun planning a Phase III, randomized, double-blind trial comparing Descovy and Truvada’s efficacy in preventing HIV among an expected […]

Gay Black Men WHY Are Whites 74% of PrEP Users While We’re More Likely to be Infected?

Who has $1500 for an HIV prevention medication? Who really believes the CDC’s finding that 1 in 2 Black, gay men will become infected with HIV/AIDS? While we wait for the quarterly PrEP injection to become a tangible thing, Gilead Sciences has something they want you to know about their pill. At a recent American Society for Microbiology meeting they presented an update to the US Pharmacy PrEP Survey and found that 74% of people […]

Atlanta Welcomes NEW PrEP Clinic for Gay Men! Here’s the Details

Last year was rough for Atlanta, Georgia. News broke that AIDS cases were on the rise and Fulton County had to return millions of unused funds back to the Center of Disease Control. But Atlanta isn’t giving up. Starting this Friday (Feb. 5) Fulton County will premiere new services to help get people access to affordable care. It will be at the Aldredge Health Center 99 Jesse Hill Jr., Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. For […]

HIV Education Personnel Are Incompetent, Black AIDS Institute Study Says…Read The Results

Are community leaders just sitting in their offices on Facebook and gossiping when not getting the required HIV testing numbers to meet grant funding? Hmm… “Nearly two decades have passed since the introduction of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, yet the HIV/AIDS workforce still lacks knowledge about the basics of HIV treatment, scoring an F on treatment-related questions—causes of drug resistance, the relationship between adherence and drug resistance, and the typical trajectory of CD4 and viral […]

Gay Men Ages 25-44 Warned by CDC of Increasing HIV Infection, See the Stats

Use the hashtag #DoingIt and tell your followers why you get tested for HIV. The White House and the Center for Disease Control have joined forces and need your help spreading the word about the importance of HIV testing. New stats debuted at the CDC’s National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta this week and over the last decade new HIV and AIDS cases are down overall. But, even with the CDC headquarters in the South, […]

Mens Are Gettin’ Naked to Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness, See the Photos!

A few months ago men were posting naked, shower selfies for #WeAreAllClean (click here to see the hottest pics). Now I’ve discovered models, bloggers, activists and gaylebrities of all kinds are coming together to help photographer Jr Christiansen and his initiative for HIV/AIDS education and awareness. Rumor has it some of the spicier photos are being compiled for a 2016 calendar. Yes Gawd! See more photos below: View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

The LGBT Community in D.C. Deserves A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! Here’s Why!

The HIV infection rate has decreased 40 percent since 2009 in D.C. according to The HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD & TB Administration (HAHSTA) annual report! Great job you guys for talking about HIV/AIDS with your friends and encouraging those around you to stay connected to care. “It is great that we have only 553 new infections,” said Walter Smith, of D.C. Appleseed. “It’s terrible that we still have 553 new infections.”

Atlanta Loses HIV/AIDS Funding from CDC While New AIDS Cases on the Rise

Damn it man! What else can be said after just reporting in March 2015 that HIV that has already progressed to full-blown AIDS is on the rise in Atlanta, Georgia. The complaint from medical professionals a mere three months ago was that the state lacked funding for testing. Welp. Here we are today and reports at WABE say $8.7 million of unused funding was returned to the CDC. What happened? Documents obtained by WABE show that […]