NEEDED: Gay Couples Earn $$$ with #GoDeeper Research Campaign

“Sexual Health Testing DOES NOT STOP once you are in a relationship! Join us in the fight for a healthier, stronger community and #godeeper by taking part in our study!” love coaches Juan and Gee Sessions-Smalls said on their Facebook. 1200 LGBT couples are needed in Emory University’s HIV couples research study. Juan and Gee will be featured in ads across multiple platforms – hopefully more like this current one! – encouraging couples to participate.

GAY MEN BEWARE: Syphilis Rates in NYC, AIDS Diagnoses in Atlanta on the Rise

HIV that has already progressed to full-blown AIDS before you are even diagnosed? Medical professionals in Atlanta, GA says their state, ranking number one in America with most new HIV infections, lacks state funding to combat the disease. — Read via NPR SYPHILIS RATES IN CHELSEA ARE 6 TIMES THE NYC AVERAGE AND ARE BEING DRIVEN PRIMARILY BY GAY MEN — Towleroad What ‘Empire‘ Got Right About My Struggle with Mental Illness — MUSED 20 […]

Men Taking Naked Shower Selfies to End HIV/AIDS Stigma #WeAreAllClean

A photo posted by @ldub79 on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:24pm PST We will eradicate the virus by year 2020 or come up with new challenges on social media until the dream becomes reality.   The ALS Challenge turned into Go Bold For Sickle Cell with half naked men with red lips on their bodies. Then it became the Feeling Myself challenge where you grab your man parts for testicular cancer awareness. The #CockInASock thing […]

75 HIV PrEP Questions ANSWERED #WorldAIDSDay

Truvada, as you know, was approved by the FDA in 2012 and touted to be 99% effective in reducing HIV infection when taken as directed. While scouring the net for facts (that I just knew I’d have to compile and edit myself) I fell upon San Francisco AIDS Foundation‘s in-depth site that answers every single PrEP question and can easily resolve fears about PrEP as HIV prevention. What does taking PrEP entail? It’s not just simply taking a […]

FUNNY or OFFENSIVE: ‘You Can’t Be Fat AND HIV Positive!’

“Get your ass in the gym,” Andrew Braxton says on ‘Reality Check‘. The premiere episode explores the different parts of finding love after finding out your HIV status. “I think looks play all [of] the parts. I have talked to people who aren’t as attractive who also have HIV and they tell me how difficult it is for them to find someone or someone interested in them because of their status and I’m like ‘Well […]

RIDICULOUS: Man Stabbed with Syringe, Told ‘Welcome to the HIV Club’

Police everywhere all around the world need to be fired. A Seattle, Washington man was standing outside of a bar on Sept. 17 when he says a woman pricked him in his tricep with a syringe and said ‘welcome to the HIV club.’ The victim was treated that night at the hospital and given post exposure medication. The sad part is this incident was not reported to police until Sept. 19. And, in all of […]

Gay Men, Here’s 9 HIV Prevention Articles You MUST Read

1. With a 92% success rate at blocking the virus, could Truvada be the gay once a day vitamin for gay men? 2. I hope so because this survey says gays on dating apps, Grindr in particular, lie about their HIV results or haven’t been tested at all. 3. Dear Gay Sexpert, Can I get HIV from giving head? 4. Twenty years? Luis Loures, a deputy executive director of UNAIDS, says a breakthrough is coming. […]

Wanna Watch HBO Movie ‘The Normal Heart’ Online?

Ryan Murphy directed an amazing movie about HIV/AIDS activist Larry Kramer and the struggles of dealing with the virus in the 1980’s. The film has an 8 out of 10 rating on IMDb and people are saying it will leave you in tears.

Atlanta is Hosting A Gay Black HIV Conference This Week, Here’s the Details

I’ll be in town holding it down! Tweet me using hashtag #YBGLI and let’s talk! Here’s the official press release: YBGLI Gears Up for the Second Policy & Advocacy Summit Atlanta, GA March 26, 2014—The Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative is excited to announce the second Policy & Advocacy Summiton Wednesday, April 2 – Friday, April 4, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Held at the Atlanta Renaissance, this two-day event brings Black, bisexual, same gender […]

Gays, Would You Get Injected Every Three Months for 100% HIV Prevention?

We’re supposed to be excited about the gay once a day pill Truvada. Studies show if you miss doses often, which I know I am personally liable to do, the daily “vitamin” as I call it becomes less effective as protection. But what if you could go to the doctor every three months to get an injection and prevent becoming HIV positive?