Chris Brown Confesses Being Humble is Difficult in Hot 97 Interview

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“I don’t like to be alone,” confesses Chris Brown in his ’97 Seconds With…’ interview. “ I’m probably at my worst when I’m just idle.”

Breezy who is prepping his sixth album titled ‘X’on August 20th also admits it’s difficult to remain humble.

“With the level of fame I have being humble or staying grounded is difficult, to try to maintain that with so many people knowing your name, money, and everything that comes with this entertainment industry. But I just put real people around me, my family. And, make sure the people around me tell me when I’m wrong.”

Watch the full interview below:

FINALLY! Dawn Richard Reveals What Caused the Danity Kane Break Up

My heart is damaged, so damaged after watching Dawn Richard reveal to Tony Moore her final moments in the multi-platinum singing group.

“I was so confused. We were in a white van, because they transport us in this Scooby Doo van every time we go do things. And we were in the car like ‘Bet! We gonna lie to Puff and we gonna tell him everything is cool. We’re not fighting. We just going to get this third album in.’ And, everybody was like ‘Agreed’. We were like we not gon’ fuss because all they had been hearing is what we had been fighting about, people not showing up to shows. That was what they knew. So we were gonna be like ‘Yay!!!’ Get this third album and then we just go our separate ways.”

However, when the ladies got to the table with Diddy things didn’t go as planned. Continue Reading

#LHHATL Shay Says Erica Never Pawned Scrappy's Ring + Drama @ Reunion Taping

Basically- Erica cheated on Scrappy with a married man then aborted the baby. Shay only wants to talk to Erica to figure out Scrappy’s lies, and y’all can stop the rumors about their firing due to lack of drama. Mona Scott-Young is still cutting the check.

Did Shay Johnson just admit she’s scared of Erica Dixon? “She’s one of them call the police type chicks and I stay away from that. I ain’t going to jail,” she tells ‘The Breakfast Club’.

Shay also revealed at the reunion there was talk of Erica cheating on Scrappy with a married man, getting pregnant, and then aborting the child.

“[Erica] cheated on him first in the beginning of their relationship. And, then he started messing around. From what I’ve been told by Scrappy she always messed with raggedy, bum dudes.”

For 15 minutes Charlamagne and friends (who remembers those other two names) interrogate Shay about her relationship with Lil Scrappy and dealings with his baby mama. Get all the juicy details. Press play!

Traci Braxton Confesses She's Going Solo!

“You’re going to get a lot of varieties of everything -pop, R&B … I just want to showcase me,” Traci confessed over the weekend to Kempire Radio. If only she would have given a sample of her voice during this interview.

I’m not saying Traci won’t have a hit single; but, I’m fearful about her releasing a full album. #TamarRealness

Would you buy a Traci Braxton album?
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Porn Star "Hot Rod" Speaks on His Butt Injections, Beef with Trap Boyy & More

In true narcissistic versatile form: gay porn star Hot Rod admits he is into himself, he’ll have sex with a transsexual if one can come to him with the right coin, and peen from a white guy in Switzerland is better than Black peen, Latin peen, and your daddy’s.

Here’s a few excerpts from his interview.

What kind of guys do you like? How do you impress Hot Rod? I’ve seen you in public and you seem to be larger than life.
People don’t know how to approach me. I’m generally into people that are lighter than me. When in a relationship I like to be the top. I’m very demanding. I’m very commanding. I play like I’m this person because it’s who I am. I like to play innocent. The innocence factor has gotten me to where I am.

You like getting being the top more or bottoming more on screen?
It depends on my co-star. Work is work. I don’t care. I prefer to have a versatile scene honestly. Most people want to make me do the topping; but all of my awards I’ve won and been nominated for are for me being the best versatile. And, that’s what I prefer.

Are you on any drugs? Cocaine? Molly?
I don’t put anything up my nose. I won’t say I don’t do drugs because I smoke weed. But I don’t do anything heavy. I have been familiar with my sister. But that’s about it. I won’t do anything heavier than that. I will not be a junkie. I will not be an addict.

 photo hot_rod_black_gay_porn_star_pornstar_ass_injections_black_booty_worldheaven_bwheaven__5.jpg

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Tahiry "Wants To Be The Next NeNe Leakes", FYI. #LHHNY

The drink throwing, table-shaking ex girlfriend of Joe Budden is here! She became the character viewers were drawn to on the Season 3 premiere of ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ because of her antics, not any new ones though. And, in her exclusive interview with The YBF Tahiry Jose, a waitress, claims she wants to use all those old tricks to get famous again.

What do you hope to gain from being on L&HH:
Like I said, I’m just being me and I’m enjoying the ride. I want to be the next Nene Leakes. Why the f*ck not? Let’s get it. I mean, I been doing this for four years so now it’s time to take it up a notch.

Any reservations about going on L&HH and the Twitter gangsters?
I come from blogging about my life but the main thing with this is we weren’t in control. Just knowing that I’m not in control scares me. And now it’s a bigger audience…I mean this is on tv! It’s crazy. But it’s been fun. And on the internet thugs, thing can get quite harsh…I am human. I’ve got a thick skin and it comes with the territory.

With many people labeling you a video ho or rapper arm piece, explain the image YOU are trying to convey:
I am being really “real” on tv and it’s not an act. I am hard-working and I’m a college graduate whose grown into a business woman and who’s building my brand. I hope to show the whole world that dating a rapper is not all glitz and glamour and I’m a regular person. I’m “human.” Continue Reading

VIDEO: Miguel's Profile Footage

Miguel likes his women “dirty” and the first thing he notices is eyes. His favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry. The way to his heart is fried chicken served with macaroni n’ cheese. Previous jobs include being a tutor, a pool cleaner, and insurance salesman.

If you want to know more press play below and watch his full Montreality interview.

All jokes aside I love when interviewers ask questions people never heard before and ask the random stuff! iLoved ‘Tom & Jerry’ too so hey… we actually have something in common!

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