K. Michelle

K. Michelle Snatched A Soul Train Award Last Night!

The battle between ‘Love & War’ vs ‘Rebellious Soul’ came to a head when Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle were in the same room for the first time ever last night. And, even though Tay Tay snagged a few more trophies, K. Michelle still sh*tted on the haters with her Best New Artist win. No shade, but how was Tamar even nominated when this is her second album and she gladly confesses she’s already had […]

K. Michelle Reads Erica Mena FOR FILTH in New 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' Trailer

“You can’t handle my mouth mothafucka!” Erica Mena shouts as if she was offering her services to trade on the hoe stroll. But K. Michelle isn’t having it Erica’s shit. I would type something cute about the other story lines but nobody really cares about Joe Budden cheating on Tahiry anymore. 🙁 Press Play and watch K. Michelle & Erica Mena go at it. ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ returns Monday Oct. 28th on […]

BEEF Dismantled? @KMichelle Tells Fans to Buy Tamar Braxton's Album

So many new R&B albums dropping this week – Jaheim ‘Appreciation Day‘, Raheem Devaughn ‘A Place Called Loveland‘, John Legend ‘Love in the Future‘ and Tamar Braxton’s long awaited ‘Love & War‘ to name a few. And, in the name of good music it looks like K. Michelle is ready to stand down. “Tuesday is going to be a great day for R&B,” K. posted to her Instagram. “For years now we’ve been left with […]

OOP! K. Michelle Says Tamar Braxton Is Mad Because She's More Famous!

Five Twitter arguments and two dease and desist letters, budding R&B Divas K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton are still at it honey.

“We did a performance together and she was supposed to be the headline and I ended up being the headline. That was …

K. Michelle Demands The 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' Cast Bow Down

Erica Mena decided to send a real cute lil’ tweet yesterday saying K. Michelle is a ‘battered, bitter dog’ that’s full of talk. Little did she know that K. Michelle has far more relevance, money, and a bigger fan base who support her Kool-Aid colored wigs. K. clapped back with three tweets:

K. Michelle Responds to Eviction Notice from Atlanta Landlord

On the season finale of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ we saw K. Michelle bid farewell to her Atlanta condo for an apt in the sky in New York City. Welp. Let her Atlanta landlord tell it she hasn’t paid rent for June nor July 2013 and he wants his dough plus court costs. K. Michelle responded via Instagram saying she moved out of the apartment months ago: BREAKING NEWS IN AMERICA: K. Michelle refuses […]

K. Michelle Smokes A Blunt + Teases A New Video [PHOTOS]

The Kool-Aid red rinse, the Louboutins, the charter school for her son – you’d think K. Michelle would be done stuntin’ with her record deal signing bonus. But no! “If you escaped what I’ve escaped every now and then you’d light one up too,” K. posted on her Instagram. Does this mean she’s seen the trailer for Toya’s new show with her ex titled ‘Crazy In Love’? K. Michelle also released a screen cap from […]

MIMI: 'Yeah K. Michelle Hit Me … AND RAN!'

Our show returns tonight! *twirls*

At a press event in New York for ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Mimi Faust gives the dirt on what happened in the fight with K. Michelle that allegedly sent her to the hospital. Is it really a fight if there’s onl…

K. Michelle Blasts Ray J for Trashing Kim K THEN Releases New Song Blasting Men

This girl, much like Quad, I love for all the wrong reasons. Over the weekend K. Michelle aired Ray J out to dry like Indian remy at a beauty supplier. Taking to her twitter: It really bothers me that men have turned into little emotional girls. We know u it it first it’s ur ex girlfriend. DUH. Niggas get hurt and emotional. They write songs, get on twitter, send numerous text(s). Spil brats cant handle […]

K. Michelle Talks Quitting 'Love & Hip Hop' & New Album 'Rebellious Soul' Details

Celebs always give the big news to ‘The Breakfast Club.’ When the hell they gonna call RonaldMatters.com for an exclusive? Ugh. Anyway, while promoting her performance at B.B. King’s Club this week in New York, Mona Scott-Young success story K. Michelle says this might be her last season on the show. “I done cussed everybody out … ain’t much else to say,” K. confessed. “I’m over it. I don’t wanna do anymore reality. This probably […]