Ken Dahl

NEW MUSIC: Ken Dahl ‘Adventures’ Mixtape Vol. I

My underground fave is back with hits ‘Yea Hoe’, ‘Casper’, and ‘Sweat’ on his latest release. Press play and dig into the 20 track masterpiece.

#nowplaying – ‘Sweat’ by Ken Dahl

Sweat, sweat! Got me all wet! Ken Dahl (and this fine man) are giving me what I need hunty. Ken’s new album Delayed Gratification drops later this month. Get into his single ‘Casper‘ below. [video link]

NEW MUSIC: Ken Dahl – 'Monster Boots'

My gay guilty pleasure just tweeted me his new single so of course I’ve got to share it! *forwards to 0:51 and jigs to the chorus*

NEW MUSIC: Ken Dahl – 'Flatter Me'

Oh how I love my gay anthems from Ken Dahl. From his new album GPS – click here to get it on iTunes – get into one of my favorite tracks.

Gay Porn Stars Hot Rod & Angyl Make Music Video Debut with Isis King From Top Model

Men, sex, and a good slow jam. Gay artist Ken Dahl dials up a play toy in his new video ‘Machine‘  featuring Isis King from America’s Next Top Model and gay porn stars Hot Rod and Angyl. “I bet it knows how to please better than you baby,” Ken sings on the track. “So in love with the machine.” Check the video out and click here to get the song on iTunes.

GAY ANTHEM: 'Get Ha' by Ken Dahl

I love when Ken Dahl pulls out his inner banshee cunt ballroom productions. No wig is safe in the ‘If This Pussy Could Talk‘ singer’s new song ‘Get Ha.’ “Get her! Snatch her wig off! Get her! Slap her wig off! Get her! blow her wig off,” he chants over the club track.

NEW VIDEO – 'If This Pussy Could Talk'

My good judy Ken Dahl has FINALLY put out a video for my favorite song. ‘If This Pussy Could Talk’ has such an infectious beat and the words so true. For more of Ken Dahl check out his website: Your Thoughts?

ON SET: 'If This P*ssy Could Talk'

    Gay artist Ken Dahl is finally putting out a video for the queeny anthem ‘If This Pussy Could Talk’ from his album Tricks of the Trade. *jumps for joy* I don’t have many details about the direction of the video. But, any time there’s here’s half naked men oiled up and thangs, I’m sure the gays will gag when the video premieres January 18th.   Listen to the song below:   [listen link] Your Thoughts?

NEW VIDEO: 'Both of U' by Ken Dahl.

Y’all know ‘If This Pussy Could Talk‘ is the summer anthem every summer. Now, as we transition into fall season gay artist Ken Dahl has brought us some good cuddling music. And, who says you only need one person? Check out his new video for ‘Both of U‘ below:

#nowplaying "Fuck That Nigga" by Ken Dahl

“I ain’t no side dish!”