Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson Promises "Bad Girl Keri" for 3rd Album [VIDEO]

“I’m already a PR nightmare so I mean …” Miss Keri Baby said on the Vh1 Divas  red carpet.

After the controversy surrounding ‘The Way You Love Me’ from her last album, Keri Hilson promises there will be more fuckery on her upcoming unt…

SAY WHAT?! Keri Hilson Scores Modeling Contract

I don’t know who’s going to hire her and what for but somebody sees it somewhere for Miss Keri Hilson. As a member of the BeyHive, I don’t like the girl. But hey … she’s on her third album and where am I?

The artist management division at …

Keri Hilson Snatches A Movie Role with Vin Diesel

I could slander Keri Hilson and her entire existence but I’m sure after reading the title you’ve done it for me. Oh, how I wonder what you were thinking. But the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter will be starring in a movie tentatively titled ‘Chronicles Of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking‘ based on Vin Diesel’s character Riddick in the 2000 science fiction thriller ‘Pitch Black.’

Keri Hilson's SURPRISING Answer When Asked About Beyonce.

Miss Keri Baby was partying it up with Ne-Yo and a host of other big names last week at her birthday party. All was good in the hood until the paparrazi asked. “Keri Hilson, what made you want to come out and talk about Beyonce? …if you don’t mind me asking?” Then things got interesting: [video link] Did The Queen refuse to let her come over and polish the 16 Grammy’s or something? What is it with this bitch? […]

VIDEO: Keri Hilson gets SNATCHED UP on stage!

Such a shame! On the last night of Keri Hilson’s No Boys Allowed Tour over in Europe a die hard fan jumped on stage and managed to get a good grip on her waist. After a short delay, Keri’s security team were able to tame the man. But that’s only after one of them punched him in the face. Did Keri feel the aftershock? Forward to 2:18 and see for yourself: Here’s the GIF of […]

WATCH: Keri Hilson delivers lip sync that'd make Britney Spears cry.

It was so beautiful!! All the smoke, lights, mirrors, and dancers perfectly placed at an attempt to mask that Keri Hilson wasn’t singing a lick of her performance live. Proof? Check out 1:03-1:05 where Keri clearly stumbled on her own words. Where was Nelly?  iGuess he couldn’t agree to lip sync his rap. And, get into the end when the host said give it up for “Kelly Hilson.”

PHOTOS: Keri Hilson performs at Walmart in Memphis, TN.

While The Queen (Beyoncé) is in France preparing to slay, the peasants are at your local Wal-Mart still trynna get on. This case of fuckery features your fav flop Keri Hilson performing at the Wal-Mart Presents: The Road To Essence Tour. View more pics here. I heard her say on the radio that she’s performing on the pre-show because she is unavailable to perform at the actual Essence Festival next month. BUUUT y’all know the real tea […]

Keri Hilson drags Nelly in "Lose Control" video.

Why was her choreography better than Beyoncé’s? I don’t know but I don’t like it. And, when did Keri start trynna be a performer? These last few videos of hers have been majorly upgraded and iThink I like it! Plus, she got this FINE man as a co-star. Watch below and she drags him to her boudoir-ah-ah! iLike it Like it! (that was shade because this song CLEARLY should have been sent to Rihanna)

Keri Hilson covers Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’

…well, she tried to. Your Thoughts?

Keri Hilson & Nelly 'Lose Control' in new video (sneek peek).

Nelly joins Keri Hilson on the Rihanna reject track “Lose Control” from Keri’s latest album No Boys Allowed. The track is actually kinda cute…but, if Rihanna was on it the song would be a #1. Listen below if you’ve never heard it, which I’m sure of: [listen link] As expected, Colin Tilley is the director. These days, if Collin didn’t do it, your video is NOT worth watching. I already know @MissKeriBaby had her raunch […]