Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Dishes on her Upcoming Steve Madden Shoe Line & 'Woman to Woman' Video Concept

How does Wendy Williams say it? Friend of the blog, in my head, Keyshia Cole recently stopped by 107.9 Philly and chatted about all of her upcoming ventures. Love her energy.Is her husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson sexy to you? I’ll pass.During the interv…

Keyshia Cole Seals Comeback with 'Enough of No Love' Video

The Keyshia Cole we’re used to is back! I love everything about this video. Not one bad thing to say. Her new album ‘Woman to Woman’ drops this fall.

PREVIEW: Keyshia Cole's New Video 'Enough of No Love'

I’m sick of Keyshia Cole and these previews, snippets, and carrying on. But clearly she has zero fucks to give.Check out this preview of the new Beeny Boom “film” for her new single ‘Enough of No Love’ featuring Lil Wayne. The full video premieres Augu…

Keyshia Cole Is Back! New Single 'Enough of No Love' Details

I think she’s for real this time… Keyshia Cole was scheduled to drop her album ‘Woman to Woman’ last fall (even went at lengths to give a sneak peak at it’s material) but has since then opted for a Fall 2012 release. The singer recently dropped a pho…

HOT PIC: Keyshia Cole Films New Video!

It’s about damn time! Keyshia Cole‘s husband recently tweeted a picture on set of her ‘Enough of No Love‘ video that features Lil Wayne. Keyshia’s new music has seen more delays than I care to share but hopefully her new album ‘Woman to Woman‘ will hit stores before the rapture. Am I the only one wondering why people still feature Lil Wayne? Ugh. Are you ready for new Keyshia Cole music? Thanks Trent!

Keyshia Cole STRUGGLING Since Firing Long Time Manager Manny Halley

We all know Keyshia Cole has gone hollywood since her success. I’m still sad this happened, though.Since announcing via twitter back in January that her long time friend/manager Manny Halley things have hit rock bottom.Rhymes with Snitch reports Keysh …

Keyshia Cole Drops Album + New Reality Show Update.

She’s not dead y’all! Songstress Keyshia Cole took to twitter moments ago to update fans on her upcoming ‘Woman to Woman‘ album and new reality show ‘Family First.’ !!”MUSIC UPDATE”!! Played music for my NEW team, Glad they loved my art! Going in wit TMinus N 40, Sitting on a gold mine! Almost finished. “Family First Reality Show Update”!! We’ve done a preview! Very emotional viewing.. U see how far I’ve come, with A look […]

Keyshia Cole covers Mary J. Blige song (video).

SANG WENCH!! Keyshia Cole annihilated this cover of Mary J.’s “I’m Going Down” this weekend at her recent tour stop. I dont know why … but Keyshia just knows how to slay a ‘niggas ain’t shit’ record …but her regular love songs don’t be worth shit. What you think of Keyshia’s cover?

Keyshia Cole has a new video…from that FLOP ASS CD of hers.

iSee Keyshia Cole still attempting to lose her ghetto image. And, she almost got me this time!! The video starts off in this nice house andserving fish in the cutest lil bathroom. But then, the chorus scene comes on. And, it’s all downhill from there. Watch for yourself. Okay, iAdmit to dramaticizing the top segment a lil bit. But for real though…if you gone do classy scenes with doormen gettin’ luxury luggage outta Benz’s and shit you […]


Rap’s sorest loser (that’s my official title for her) Lil Kim may have shared a song (and the stage) with Keyshia Cole in their hit “Let It Go.” But since Keyshia Cole has collaborated with Nicki Minaj…Kim gotta erase her social security number, too: “I was offended on Keyshia’s behalf only cause of the simple fact that I know her and Mary had their little thing for a little bit. It’s not obvious because Mary and […]