27 Gay Black Couples Proving that #LoveWins, B***h!

For every scripture that condemns who and how you you love there’s another one on Instagram that says otherwise. Love knows no boundaries. Get into these pairings via @BombGayCouples showing you that love does conquer.

Men Last Longer in Mississippi & Maryland According to PornHub

Mississippi, Arkansas, Maryland, Georgia & Hawaii are the Top 5 wankers who spend the most time beating off according to PornHub’s 2014 Year in Review report. Men in New York and Connecticut hold true to their fast-pacedness, coming in last with the shortest video viewing times. Jamaican men wank for 12 minutes! Lordie.

19 Times Kid Fury Served REALNESS on Instagram

Loading View on Instagram @KidFury is one of my favorite bloggers/online personalities. He’s a scrumptious, sexy Jamaican American chocolate drop who makes shit happens for reals (which means his booking info is not in his Instagram bio). Get your life from these pics I snagged from his profile and get into these different levels of realness! ‘This My Friend, She Cool’ Realness Loading View on Instagram

Giving Head Gives You Dry Mouth? Here’s 5 Tips to Cure That Sh*t

I’m too classy to admit this post was spawned from my own personal struggles. So, I’ll just claim it’s “for research purposes“. *giggles* 1. Deep throat and hold it for a second or two. A gagging type reflex causes salivation. Don’t worry. You can overcome the gagging feeling with practice. 2. Increase your daily water intake. No E.J.! Water girl! Dr. Oz recommends 3 liters a day.

5 Gay Sex Party Rules to Post on Your Jack’d & Adam4Adam Profiles

It’s no secret what goes down late in the midnight hour when you think you’re ready for bed but your little tink, tink down there is ready for some warm, wet loving. Here’s some sex party rules I discovered on Tumblr via #1 No loud and excessive talking. This ain’t the club…STFU Sissie!!!! #2 Fat and ugly dudes (no shade but) don’t even bother coming to the party. You just in the damn way and […]

13 Hilarious Gay Tweets that Expose What We ALL Are Thinking

It’s just another day in the life! Shoutout to @CommonGayTweets for singing my life with each word. Guys be like "I'm not talking to anyone else" — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 12, 2014 me in a room full of hot guys — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 12, 2014 When tops bottom for the first time — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 18, 2014 "Please be gay. Please be gay. Please […]

10 Gay Dating Tips from a New York Man

My blog brothers over at are fed up! J. Dooley, a newly transplanted gay from Syracuse, hit the New York City pavement ready for greatness but got shitted on (figuratively). Here’s his list of ten gay dating do’s and don’ts from his experiences in the city that never sleeps.

22 Maxwell Instagram Photos Looking …SCRUMPTIOUS!

We love Maxwell on stage. But what about when he’s having his freaky thoughts?

5 Things Rihanna NEED to Be Doing Instead of Beefing on Twitter

These “singers” be ackin’ up but Teyana Taylor ain’t lettin’ em! By now, we’ve all read about Rihanna mocking Teyana’s tribute video to Anita Baker on Instagram and gettin’ upset when TeTe clapped back. Here are some other things the alleged $90 million dollar woman could to be doing instead of being an e-thug.

5 Reasons Trade Might Be Avoiding You

#BlackBuzzFeed realness served fresh by @ShugAveryPee Follow him on Twitter! 1. You don’t have any furniture. When you’re 18 years old with a maxed-out Stafford Loan in one hand and an acceptance letter to Clark Atlanta in the other, the last thing you think about is how you’re going to maintain your Moscato D’asti lifestyle in Atlanta on a Barefoot budget. The problem with most young gay men—not only in Atlanta— is that they’re spending […]