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So glad I can finally share this news with you! Yours truly was hand-picked for a new monthly segment on PostedLife.com to give a round up of the biggest news stories in the LGBT community. To kick things off, here’s a snippet of the hottest stories (in no particular order) from June 2012:

MY NEW VIDEO: Ronald Randomly 2

In my latest video, I shade Netflix, offer Jennifer Lopez’s career life support, and offer advice for the lost lambs. Look. Laugh. & Comment. Your Thoughts?


While preparing to do another video, my friend text(ed) me wanting some advice. Listen to my response; and, tell me what think. What would you do if you were in this situation?


“You ain’t no Barbie…bitch you work at Arby’s!” That line alone is enough to slay my entire life. I can’t wait to use that on some basic bitch. Wanna jam with me?  DOWNLOAD: Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci.mp3

MY NEW VIDEO: Sex Negotiations.

What do you think of the video?

MY NEW VIDEO: Trade & Their Questions.

Trade STAY asking me me most interesting shit… Music by Jonte – “You Can’t Be Serious.” [download link]

VIDEO: Lightning strikes man DOWNE in the middle of the street.

God really been showing out this month! Did y’all just see that? OMG! Over 300 people have died in recent weeks due to storms and tornadoes n’ shit. And, people are still supposedly baffled about if this video is real or not. WHAT THE HELL?? There’s no denying God, or Mother Nature, had it out for this man. I’m surprised he lived or even got back up! #teamSPEECHLESS

Trey Songz 3-Way Kiss on stage!? (video)

Well, instead of touching himself on stage which iPersonally am tired of seeing  Trey Songz decided to touch his fans in a way no other artist has ever done before. Forward the video to 7:55 and gag at the menage a trois: http://cdn.springboard.gorillanation.com/storage/xplayer/yo033.swf


I can’t believe this man tried it with me!! Even if it was a sexual favor…after I said, “I’m all out of favors…” that shoulda ended the conversation! Look. Laugh. & Comment.

FUNNY: Morning Morning Blues.

Who else is feeling like this today?