Gay Documentary ‘Outcry’ Exploring Religion and Sexuality Now on Amazon Prime [WATCH]

Filmmaker Ian L. Haddock creates multiple spaces where Black queer men and women recount their experiences navigating social stigma attached to being something other than straight. In the film, LGBT advocate Harrison Guy discusses visiting churches as part of the choir, discovering “hate sermons”, and fragile masculinity. “For a lot of people it was less about sexuality and more about femininity because a lot of the men who are charismatic in church are actually straight […]

‘Intersexion’ Documentary Explores Surgery, Statistics and Relationships of Intersex People [VIDEO]

Societal pressures and relationships of people born with extra chromosomes and/or other DNA abnormalities can be a lot to bear. Many parents are told to explore surgery months after their children are born – clitorectomy, vaginectomy, and labiaplasty to name a few. The experiences are vastly different as well. One person mentions having over 200 genital exams before age 18, whereas another person says their girlfriend told them they had a larger clit and to […]

Gay Documentary ‘When The Beat Drops’ Is Airing on LOGO! Watch This Preview

Shout out to Corey Knott! *throws glitter* Producer Jordan Finnegan and Director Jamal Sims follow multiple Black, gay men as they pioneer the Southern-rooted underground dance scene known as “bucking.” Premiering August 9 at 8pm, this greatness needs no explanation. Press play. ‘Wow, I’m Not The Only One’ [video link]

Gay Short Film ‘Friends First’ Explores Emotional Rollercoaster of Friends with Benefits [VIDEO]

Mason and Trenton are in South Africa for a mission trip. But, it seems like the operation at hand is figuring out their complicated situationship. After their first night on the town and their relationship gets tested, feelings get involved and ch… the conversation gets deep! “So what happens when one of those boys decide to love you?” Trenton asks his boo thang Mason. “What happens to me?” In all the years of this website […]

New Gay Film ‘Saturday Church’ Dubbed ‘Moonlight’ Meets ‘La La Land’, Are You Watching?

Gender identity and religion are bifrontal fights for Ulysses, a 14 year-old-boy, who uses fantasy to find what his perfect future could be. Directed and written by Damon Cardasis, ‘Saturday Church‘ is already earmarking itself to be the film to see for LGBT audiences in 2018. If you’re still wondering if the film will be hot or not, Variety says you don’t have to choose: Were you Team “Moonlight” or Team “La La Land”? Now […]

Gay Documentary ‘Dancing in the Dark’ Explores Evolution of Black Club Scene [WATCH]

“There’s a lot of people they go out and that’s their life,” one man tells the camera that focuses on the Black and Latin party scene in New York City. “It’s a lack of acceptance… they don’t get accept from their family in their life and their friends. so being in the scene, the club scene, they feel like they can just be comfortable, be accepted, they can get high, they can dance they can […]

‘Chocolate City 2: Vegas Strip’ Starring Michael Jai White, BOLO, Vivica A. Fox & Nem Is Here! [VIDEO]

Ginuwine sings @Rihanna and the bodies of the mens involved continue to be a reason to disregard the cheesy plot, and slurp up on body sweat delivered in the Black version of ‘Magic Mike’ stripper movies. Does anybody know why this is a straight to Netflix sequel? [CLICK HERE TO WATCH Chocolate City 2] Press play below to watch the trailer. [video link]

“Naked” Starring Marlon Wayans Is Now on Netflix! [WATCH]

And his cheeks are phenomenal! Regina Hall is at the church and ready to say ‘I do’ to Marlon Wayans‘ character. But, for some odd reason he keeps waking up in an elevator and re-living his last hour as a single man. There are a few comedic moments along the way as we view the results from leg day.

Trevante Rhodes Is Taking ‘Moonlight’ to the Golden Globes [VIDEO]

Set your DVR! The Golden Globes air Sunday, January 8th. ‘Moonlight‘ stars Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris are nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Barry Jenkins is up for Best Screenplay, and the film is a top pick to win Best Motion Picture. While making his press rounds for the film Trevante Rhodes stopped by GQ Magazine and they asked him one special question. Press play. [video link] Who thinks of this stuff? LOL […]

LGBT Film ‘The Pass’ With Nearly Naked Football Players Hits Theaters Next Month [WATCH]

Two male footballers in a hotel room watching a sex tape – and the events that follow afterwards – turn into a lifelong struggle to subdue feelings in a new film hitting the UK on Dec 9. via IMDb: Nineteen-year-old Jason and Ade have been in the Academy of a famous London football club since they were eight years old. It’s the night before their first-ever game for the first team – a Champions League […]