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NEW MUSIC: Trey Songz – ‘Walls’ … Can You Guess What This Song Is About?

He got that p***y on his lips like Chapstick. The rest of the lyrics are too X-rated to transcribe for this post. Press play and get into Trey Songz new mixtape ‘To Whom It May Concern‘ while album seven marinates. [video link] RELATED: Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz Sample ‘Doin It Well’ Your Thoughts?

Hot or Not? Jidenna’s New Single ‘Long Live the Chief’

Rap God Jidenna? This new song is far away from ‘Classic Man‘ that boosted him into stardom; so, I don’t know why his follow-up single is shying away from his target audience. But, part of being an artist is setting the trend, right? Watch below and leave your thoughts in the comments. [video link]

Traci Braxton Shines on ‘Last Christmas’ from Holiday Album #nowplaying

“I keep my distance but you still catch my eye, Traci Braxton croons over her short-lived love affair. “Tell me baby, do you recognize me?” RELATED: Toni Braxton & Nem Slay¬†‘Mary, Did You Know‘ from Holiday Album If you still haven’t heard ‘Braxton Family Christmas‘ please get your life. Press play below and dig Traci’s leading moment.

NEW MUSIC: Tinashe & R. Kelly – ‘Let’s Be Real Now’

Isn’t Tinashe stunning in this Playboy November 2015 photo? “You’re just an actor and this is a scene. I wish you would just say what you mean,” she demands on this new R. Kelly collaboration from his upcoming album ‘The Buffet’. Keeping it real does have it’s benefits. Press play and think of who need to send this track to after Tinashe sangs.

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna & Chris Brown ‘Counterfeit’ with Kelly Rowland & Wiz Khalifa

Mixtape mania! Chris Brown just released a 34-track mixtape ‘Before the Party’ with new Rihanna vocals. While we wait for Rihanna or Samsung to explain why ‘Anti’ didn’t premiere this morning press play on track one below. Do we like it? Click here to listen.

NEW MUSIC: Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz & Fabolous Sample ‘Doin It Well’

“Fuck me like you know somebody else ain’t fuckin’ me right,” Trey Songz demands before Nicki Minaj blazes on the LL Cool J sampled track from Fabolous new mixtape. Press play on track three and see if this deserves a spot on your ‘Get That Dick‘ playlist. You likey? Comment below.

ADELE Premieres New Song ‘When We Were Young’ on ’60 Minutes’ [WATCH]

Adele tells ‘60 Minutes Australia‘ she feared performing because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans. But she has no issue in the video below giving a preview of what’s to come with her album ’25’ drops this Friday (Nov 20). “Let me photograph you in this light just in case it’s the last time that we might be exactly like we were before, Adele sangs. “It was just like a movie, it was just […]

HAVE YOU HEARD Toni Braxton & Nem Sing ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

Towanda annihilated her part! Her tone is magnificent. Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Miss E will teach you a thing or two on their ‘Braxton Family Christmas‘ album in stores now. My favorite track right now is ‘Mary, Did You Know’. Get into this slayage!

NEW MUSIC: Trina – ‘Fuck Boy’

Trina knows why they keep coming back – “Found out his new girl can’t suck no dick!” ‘The Baddest Bitch’ needs more than sex to keep you in her black book though. Press play and get into the blast session. Trina’s new album is due early 2016. [video link]

MUST SEE: Stephanie Mills & ‘The Wiz LIVE’ Star Shanice Williams Sing ‘Home’

NBC will bring you a live rendition of the classic theater production ‘The Wiz’ on Dec. 3rd. And, what other way to pass the torch from the legendary performer to the new princess than with a duo performance? Press play below and share this with your friends. [video link] Who knew Stephanie Mills was 4’9”? Wow!