Sex Playlist: Tiffany Evans Craves Round Two on ‘T.M.I.’

You know it’s serious when she calls out at work! So, get your banana, your pork sausage, your push pop or whatever you call that thang and get it to Tiffany Evans doorstep quick! LOL Tiffany’s new EP ‘All Me‘ is due October 30th. Press play and get a tease of what’s to come.

NEW VIDEO: Tweet – ‘Won’t Hurt Me’

The new album ‘Charlene‘ is due January 2016. So, I’m sure the hardcore Tweet fans don’t mind a new visual while we wait. Press play and giggle at the man who thought he could break our girl’s heart with his shenanigans.

Drake & Beyonce Release Official Version of ‘Can I’, Do We Like It?

The Queen still doesn’t have a full verse; and Drake is still trying to turn this quick booty session into a full interview. Press play and get into this radio rip of ‘Can I’ that recently premiered on Beats One.

NEW MUSIC: Janet Jackson – ‘BURNITUP (ft. Missy Elliott)’

‘No Sleeep‘ woke the Janet Jackson stans up and now she’s taking them to the club with ‘Burn It Up‘. Missy Elliott drops a useless verse to get the party started and you can pretty much expect this track to slay at Bella Noche this weekend. Prepare your shimmy and press play below. [video link]

TWEET IS BACK!! Listen to ‘Won’t Hurt Me’

“Save your crocodile tears,’ Tweet sangs on her comeback single. “You don’t have to be putting on shows.” Her new album ‘Charlene‘ drops Jan. 22, 2016. Save that date and press play below to get a taste of what’s to come. [video link]

NEW VIDEO – Tisha Campbell Martin – ‘Steel Here’

“Put ya seatbelt on!” Tisha Campbell-Martin commands in her new song. The 46-year-old tv star started in music and movies before ‘Martin‘ belted her into super stardom. Is this song age appropriate? Will we be performing this in the shower tomorrow before work? Let’s hope so. Press play. [video link] Well produced video and the song production is fleek. I don’t know why I was expecting a Tamar Braxton ‘Love & War’ type of ballad […]

NEW VIDEO: Tamar Braxton – ‘Angels & Demons’

Who delays their album the day before its release? The one and only! Tamar Braxton isn’t letting that bring her down though. Mrs. Braxton-Herbert dropped a new single ‘Catfish’, performed a new song ‘King’ on her talk show The Real, and now she’s serving visuals dahhhling. Press play below and get into ‘Angels & Demons’ before her album ‘Calling All Lovers’ hits stores October 2nd.

HOT or NOT? Sam Smith Covers Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ [VIDEO]

Twirl music! Sam Smith stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in the UK recently to promote and perform ‘Omen‘. While the mic was to his mouth Sam took it upon himself to slay Drake’s #16 Hot 100 hit. Me likey. Do you? [video link]

NEW VIDEO: Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin – ‘Runnin’ (Lose It All)’

The Queen does not do collaborations often so even though I have no clue who Naughty Boy could be (maybe he’s a DJ/record producer like Calvin Harris?) I’m glad Beyonce thinks enough of him to approve her vocals on his track. Press play and dig into ‘Runnin‘. It’s giving me ‘I Am…‘ era left over realness; but, tell me your opinion in the comments.

NEW MUSIC: Tamar Braxton – ‘Catfish’

Tomorrow the album ‘Calling All Lovers‘ hits stores! Tamar Braxton returns to her talk show’The Real‘ on Monday, September 13th and will make her mark on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ on September 14th. So, it’s only right we get some new music to bop to as well. “Baby I know the real you,” Tamar informs her pseudo lover. “You on this new fish like I ain’t put you on.”