Drinking Game for 'American Horror Story' Fans

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Drink every time…

1. Someone says “witch”.
2. Fiona mentions her age, aging, youth, etc.
3. Addie hears someone’s thoughts.

4. Someone dies.

5. Someone uses telekinesis.

6. Madison fights with Queenie.

7. A dead person comes back to life.

8. There’s man butt on the screen.

9. Madame LaLaurie complains about living in modern day.

10. Zoe spills the beans.

11. Madison flirts with someone.

12. Someone says “supreme”.

13. Cordelia fights with her mother.

Suggested Drinks (via here):
A Bloody Mary (because the name is appropriate and to nurse your impending hangover), Vodka Cranberry (for the red color, and it’s simple to mix while drunk), or you can just drown your sorrows in whiskey.


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These Tanks from TOPMAN Are Everything!

All you sporty bottoms get ready, I think this may be our chance to wear a t-shirt dress and not be judged!

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DOWNLOAD: Vine FOR ANDROID is Here! *twirls*

Oh how I’ve longed envied iPhone’s users ability to create and edit 6-second video clips! …Not! But since everybody has been making such a fuss about it I guess it would only be right that I share it, huh?

The Twitter-owned company is finally blessing us with the ability to oversaturate people’s news feed in video form. Click HERE to go to the Google Play store and download it. Click HERE to go to my Tumblr page and see the best Vine ever made.

Bonus: Here’s a compilation of some Vine videos. I’m sure all those attention deficit viewers will love knowing there’s a new video every 6 seconds.