My Five 2013 Expectations [video]

Frank Ocean have a seat in the Red Sea and Khia come on out with that sangin’ album girl!

MY NEW VIDEO: Five Things I'm NOT Here For

A.B.C. – A bitch CAN’T! These are 5 things that irk my nerves. Leave me your 5 things in the comments!

RonaldMattersTV: "My Favorite Songs– March 2012"

I’m jamming and singing all my favorite songs of the moment. If you’re interested in the tracklist peep it below and subscribe to my youtube channel here.

STUNT QUEENS: Amber Rose & Madonna.

WATCH: Basketball Wives: LA Season Finale.[video link] Gloria is leaving Matt claiming she’s all independent BUUUT still begs him for a washer/dryer set, dick on the side, and telling him he has no right to move into a 4-bedroom. Jackie Christie STILL runs this motha****** and Laura gets mad that nobody cried about her leaving. Lawd, these girls are ridiculous.  Click ‘Read More’ to see my YouTube review of the whole thing. [video link] What are your thoughts on the finale?

NEW VIDEO: The Money Team? Seriously…


MY NEW VIDEO: "Confession."

I don’t really know what to put for this little pre-emptive paragraph. But, iPromise after watching this video you’ll know a little bit more about me. Watch below: Your Thoughts?

NEW VIDEO: "Grindr Blues."

Y’all feel my pain?

ATLANTA PRIDE! …who's coming! (video)

Everything’s gonna be a movie! Gay people everywhere; but, no Fleet(s) anywhere in sight. Brandy, Trina, & Tami Roman are all in town for the big weekend, and I couldn’t be any more excited than I am in the video below! Your Thoughts?