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DC Black Pride Is CANCELED?? Read The Press Release

As Washington, DC was placed on essential only business lockdown in mid-March, many people speculated it would last eight weeks, the perfect time for DC Pride 2020 during Memorial Day Weekend. Moments ago a crushing e-mail was sent to customers: There is no higher priority than the health and wellbeing of Black LGBTQA community. In light of the continuing global impact and community transmission of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) — and in accordance with public […]

Men Last Longer in Mississippi and South Carolina According to PornHub

D.C. residents wanked less last year and overall search for “no foreplay” were up 626% per PornHub’s 2018 Year in Review data. Interest in ‘trans’ (aka transgender) porn saw significant gains in 2018, in particular with a 167% increase in searches by men and more than 200% with visitors over the age of 45 (becoming the fifth most searched terms by those aged 45 to 64).Not only did searches for ‘outdoor’ porn grow throughout 2018, […]

Gay Men, Here’s 10 Reasons To Date An Older Guy

Honestly, this post has been on my radar for a long time and your comments on the post snatched from this tumblr profile would be amazing. These are ten reasons older trade might be the way to go. 10. Experience – from the bedroom to the boardroom, older guys usually, though not always, have a better sense of what’s going on. And will be happy to share it with someone younger/not in the know. 9. […]

Which 15 States Have The Highest STD Rates in the US? (2018)

Georgia, Mississippi, and other Southern states continue to make these lists citing lack of access to care. But, you will never guess which state is #1! Okay I’ll ruin it for you, Alaska. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance survey was scoured by the people at Insider Monkey investment blog (maybe they’re intent is to tell pharmaceutical companies where to invest?) and they revealed states with the highest STD rates […]

SexTales Asks, ‘Where Is The Freakiest Place You Had Sex?’ [VIDEO]

On the side of the road after leaving an amusement park, behind a train, in a park – attendees of New York pride 2017 relive their encounters on ‘Sex Tales on the Beach‘. Where’s the kinkiest place you’ve ever got your groove on? Comment below after watching the video. [video link]

7 Blogging Tips & Ideas ALL Bloggers Can Use [VIDEO]

“Dopeness” is an interview series about movers and shakers and how they make thangs twerk in their industry by Cypher Avenue. I’m super excited to be running my mouth about life as a blogger, stereotypes in media, and giving away some content creator gems like:

Kim Burrell Petition Started to Cancel Her ‘Ellen’ Appearance [VIDEO]

Anthony Antoine wants Kim Burrell and her anti-gay bullsh*t outta here! After the gospel legend condemned all gays to death in 2017 in her recent viral video, this is Anthony’s response about her January 5th ‘Ellen’ appearance via petition on

12 Gay News Stories That Slayed in 2016

‘Noah’s Arc’ cast reunited, LGBT themed media owned YouTube and theaters, plus we delved into gay prison culture and chemsex. These are the top gay news stories year in review. 1. Sex roulette parties where one person secretly has HIV became a thing. Bug chasers and rich people were overjoyed. 2. #JackdFuckery This guy robbed and raped multiple guys. You’ll never guess what city this madness occurred. 3. Remember the alleged drugged boxer from Philly who didn’t remember […]

HOT or NOT: Countess Vaughn’s New Song ‘Call Me Over’ (Snippet)?

‘Do You Love Him’ (and it’s accompanying video) was a complete miss for ‘Hollywood Divas‘ viewers; but, it seems like Countess Vaughn is ready for redemption with this new track. ‘Call Me Over‘ was given a Snapchat tease and in true Countess fashion, it’s over the top. She’s holding a bottle of Belaire rose with a dramatic lip sync of the ballad playing in the background.

Todrick Hall Gives ‘Kinky Boots’ Costumes Preview & Backstage Tour [WATCH]

A Black, gay man starring in a show on Broadway?! Wow. We’ve come so far! ‘American Idol‘ alum and YouTube star Todrick Hall talks advice from Rupaul and Taylor Swift, impeccable costumes, and why the men’s dressing room has so many dresses with Denny Directo on ‘Entertainment Tonight‘. “I have over ten costume changes in the show and every costume change – obviously Lola is a fabulous woman – they come with a different shoe […]