Sunday Service

LATE BUT GREAT: Stuff Black Folks Say at Funerals

When I say Lexi from The WORD Network is hilarious! “NICKI!!! Get up!! If we pray real hard she can get up!” “Don’t let that funeral home do me. She is too dark!” There’s so many quotables. “Who doing the food? Ms. Edwards? You bet not eat that food you gone be laying RIGHT next to Nicki!” Which line was your favorite? Thanks Calvin for sharing this video!


It’s a rare condition in this day in age to find good head. But, before you hit the bed again (or wherever you get down) show your partner this public service announcement from Da Kinky Kid. In the video below she advises that alligator you keep letting attack your man meat to do better and as a bonus she gives tips for swallowing. Was that as good for you as it was for me? Check out her other great […]


Gay boys… hygiene alert! Don’t even ask me how I ended up researching Fleet. But, the P.S.A. at the beginning of this video is enough to change your life. Has this ever happened to you? iPersonally don’t Fleet, douche, or any of the other substitutions. But, I do recommend using the moist toilettes. When you can’t get to real soap and water, they’re the next best thing! I think I’m still gagged though. In the beginning did he […]

SUNDAY SERVICE: Stop Blaming Beyoncé.

Beyoncé worked her 9-5 so cut her check!! Below Kingsleyyy ministers (aka rants) about Kelly Rowland having ample time (and about 8 singles) before releasing her new album which most say tanked, and Beyoncé is somehow to blame. All artists blame Beyoncé for their failure…Why? Because she’s the top dawg. But Kinglseyy says NO MORE!! Watch Below: Question: How many times did he say “motherfuckin’?” LMAO. Everything Kingsleyyy said is true, though. So sad for […]

SUNDAY SERVICE: Pay Homage to the Booty.

Я invites you to join him as he watches Minister MyBuzzworthyTV via satellite (aka YouTube) give his sermon- It Aint Nasty When It’s Good. watch below: “You can tell a lot about a man’s character based solely on if he eats the booty or not…if he don’t eat the booty; then, he fruity! Errbody around me eat the booty. My boys LOVE the booty!” …beautiful sermon! Makes me wanna go to the altar and give […]

PHOTO: Religion is like Dick.

Sunday Service: The Church Has A New "F" Word.

Я invites you to join him as he watches minister R.A. Vernon via satellite (aka YouTube) deliver an amazing message- The Church Has A New “F” Word. “Touch your neighbor and say F you!” …”Look down ya row and say F y’all too!” LMAO! I did not expect that to be the F word of choice…but, I’m still excited about putting this new word to use in my life! *picks up phone to call all […]

The Many Ways Men Cum.

Я invites you to join him as he watches ministers of Dormtainment via satellite (aka YouTube) deliver an amazing message- The Many Ways Men Cum. TOO FUNNY! The “Over Affectionate” & “Leaning” types were my favorites. I think I’m an “In & Outer.”  Well, I would be if… no comment. LOL What type are you??

Sunday Service: How to Detect A Lie

Я invites you to join him as he watches Minister Howcast via satellite (aka YouTube) deliver an amazing message- How To Detect a Lie .  watch below:

SUNDAY SERVICE: Interview the Dick.

Я invites you to join him as he watches Minister ForrestaB via satellite (aka YouTube) give her sermon- Interview The Dick b4 You Get Tricked.  watch below: “I’m not gon’ say dick is not good; I’m not gonna say you don’t need it. But I WILL SAY…know what you getting into before it fucks you up.” –ForrestaB