Tyrese’s Peen Print is EVERYTHING, Preview TGT’s New Album [VIDEO]

Forward to the 0:55 mark (then to 1:15) and get your life. Child, I can’t imagine the size of that thing. With Tank and Ginuwine joining him for this ‘Three Kings’ album dropping Aug. 20th, you don’t even know how wet it’s about to be around…

NEW VIDEO: Tank & T.I. – 'Compliments'

That semi-nude pic did nothing for album sales, huh? Tank called on T.I. and some random chick named Kris Stephens for the latest single from his new album ‘This Is How I Feel‘ in stores now. Nothing too flashy but still …nice.

Tank Uploads Semi-Nude Pic to Instagram, Are You Turned On?

…gotta get hype for this new album somehow! After bashing Brian McKnight for wanting to ‘show you how your p*ssy works‘ the self-proclaimed underrated R&B diva uploaded this picture to Instagram showing off his man hood. Tank’s dick isn’t appetizing to me because … because … he’s an attention whore. “Photo shop?” Tank put under the photo. “I’m 100% of everything I am!” Yawn. Hopefully his new album ‘This is How I Feel‘ in stores […]

Tank Begs for Attention in 'Underrated' Video + New Album News.

Chile … somebody is on their period! After dropping a 2012 calendar nobody bought and a mixtape ‘Diary of A Mad Man‘ nobody downloaded, R&B singer Tank is not feeling the love. According to Tank, he’s wrote songs that made your ex call, made your man propose, made Ray J fleet, and psychos sprinkle Kim K. with that white girl. In the Mike Ho directed video for ‘Underrated‘ we see a narcissistic Tank walk through an empty town full of […]

WATCH: Tank Turns Up The Sexy in 'Next Breath' video.

A topless man with pictures of me on the wall and his body glistening under candlelight? That can either be really sexy or really stalkerish. I’ll let you watch the video to decide for yourself. Tank can sing and he makes nice music … but why isn’t he popular? Oh, because he doesn’t sing about taking home some herpes-infested coon from the club? Right. I miss REAL R&B like this. sidebar: Who all bought Tank’s […]

EYE CANDY: Tank Preps 2012 Calendar. (video)

I’m surprised he didn’t say ‘This is strictly for the ladies.’ Y’all know how “straight” men LOVE that phrase. While we wait for Tank to release his new album ‘Savior,’ he’s giving us his body and showing off his fashions in his new calendar. “For tailor made YOU gotta be tailor made,” Tanks says. “You gotta be special. And if you have the type of body where fabric loves you, it’ll just lay on you.“ OOH WEE! And, […]

Chris Brown & Trey Songz have an R&B orgy on Tank remix.