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Gay Cruising at the Gym… Hot or Not? [VIDEO]

Gym rats rejoice! #Summer17 is here and the bodies are beautiful. “You see dicks bouncing, booty jumping. It’s almost like soft porn at the gym,” says Donnie Duright. “It’s fabulous. I love the gym.” Is this your experience, too? Press play and dig into episode 8 of ‘Gay Code‘. [video link]

Bottoms Can Douche On-The-Go With This New Product

“We love hot quickies in backrooms, sex clubs, dungeons, and on the dance floor,” says the product website. “There’s NOTHING more frustrating than being there, horned ‘n ready, and knowing you need to CLEAN. The FT Bottle Blaster is the easiest, most portable on-the-go cleaner EVER. Just grab a water bottle.”

Gay Series Starring Momma Dee Is Here! Watch Episode 1 of ‘About Justin’

‘About Him‘ is changing focus to last season’s breakout star. Justin is a virgin in the comedy series and exploring sexuality with his many ‘friends‘. The Henderson Maddox-directed series is everything we loved in the original ‘About Him’. Earlier this year Momma Dee made headlines in a sneak peek of the show where she walked in on Justin having sexy time with another man. RELATED: NEW SERIES ‘ABOUT JUSTIN’ IS MAKING A BIG SPLASH! WATCH THIS! […]

24 Top Gay Travel Destinations for 2017 [VIDEO]

A photo posted by KEVIN CARNELL (@kevincarnell) on Nov 19, 2014 at 2:17pm PST USA moved up from #42 to #36! The annual Gay Travel Index has been unveiled by Spartacus, a gay travel specialty company, and they’ve rated the most inclusive versus viciously obtrusive travel destinations for the LGBT community. The brutal 14-point scoring system – including gay nightlife, customs regulations, hate crimes, HIV travel restrictions, and laws against homoism – remains in place. […]

The 13 Most Gay Friendly Scary Movies Of All Time [VIDEO]

While several of the Friday the 13th flicks boast queer themes none is quite as homoerotic—or insane—as Jason Goes to Hell. In one scene, a character possessed by Jason ties up another man and shaves off all his body hair, before French kissing him and inserting the Jason parasite into his mouth. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) | Read more via NewNowNext Bisexual Guys Explain Sex With Men vs Women — QUEERTY The […]

‘About Him’ Creator Wants $50k on GoFundMe for Another Season!?

Donate $5,000 and get an exclusive watch party with your friends! The steamy series already has the community holding on to our seats (and putting lube refills on our shopping lists). Better production, more episodes, and tour funding – these are promises Henderson Maddox wants you to invest in for more episodes of ‘About Him‘.

27 Gay Black Couples to Inspire Your Cuffing Season Relationship Goals

A post shared by @bombgaycouples on Dec 16, 2015 at 2:03pm PST The weather is changing and having a buddy nearby for prime time television (or to sponsor Chipotle sometimes) would be a blessing. Check out these photos and get ready to update your online profiles from no strings attached to kissing required. A post shared by @bombgaycouples on Dec 21, 2015 at 5:09pm PST

Gay Dating “INTERVIEW” Questions to Ask Your Potential Bae [VIDEO]

“The first date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship,” Andrew Maisonette tells his viewers. Around the 5:25 mark in the video below Andrew realizes after recent fails it may be more important to have some dialogue with his online suitors. RELATED: 5 Tips for Dating A Big-Boned Brother When is it appropriate to ask if a guy has children? Where is the appropriate place to have the HIV and STI conversation? How […]

Gay Web Series ‘About Him’ Starts A Body Party in Episodes 11 & 12 [WATCH]

Vincent and Damien get a visit from a high school classmate in the upcoming episodes of ‘About Him‘. And, what better way to say hello than to get naked? Justin has already confessed a few things but of course there’s more to tell about his summer activities.

Gay Threesome Gets REALLY Awkward on ‘Bashful’, Watch This!

In the words of Nene Leakes, “It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about it.” And, our friend Bash just might have to say he’ll be friends with these two after their seeing their three way bing bang session needed wayyy more lube. If you haven’t been watching ‘Bashful‘ get your edges anchored in the Lord! But, before you do that press play and get into this love session.